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Here’s a fantastic email.


It was sent from Jamie Garwood to his entire list (4,000 active, inactive and prospects).   And, he attached the “How to Strengthen Your Immune System” handout to the email.   




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Dear [Client Name],


During these uncertain times with Covid-19, one question I continually receive is this:


“How can I strengthen my immune system?”


It’s a smart question.


Unfortunately, many so-called smart professionals are not so smart with their answers.


I know you’ve been told about supplements, drinks and other stuff that supposedly will boost your immune system.


Sure, many of these products have a place, but they are only part of the equation when it comes to your immune system.


Therefore, I’ve attached an information handout with the answer to your question.


The Truth


Since we’ve been working together, you already know that proper nutrition and productive exercise are the absolute keys to your overall health and well being — including your immune system.


The human body does not care how much money you have. It doesn’t care how smart you might be.


From a physiological standpoint, the ONLY THING your body understands is fuel and activity (movement).


My Take on Supplements


You also know that whether you purchase my signature brand of supplement or other brands, I’m a believer in purposeful nutritional supplementation.


And, of course, you should always discuss supplementation with your physician (I legally have to say this).


The Food


The reason I’m an advocate for nutritional supplementation is simple.


Today, without going into technical detail, the way food is produced and processed via industrial farming and food technology has resulted in a negative impact on the nutritional value of our entire food chain.


In other words, food just isn’t what it used to be.




We’ve all heard the naysayers (doctors, researchers, etc.) who proclaim that supplements just produce expensive urine. That they do nothing.


Take a look at your doctor (or other health professional) and observe what kind of shape he or she is in. Healthy..? Probably not!


In my 30 years of training and coaching, I don’t know of a single athlete who does not supplement his or her menu plan with nutritional supplements. Not one – and I’ve coached thousands of athletes.


Be Smart and Be Empowered!


So [Client Name], I hope you’ll download the information handout I’ve attached to this email. Please read it. It will explain how to strengthen your immune system and further your own health and wellbeing.


Yours in good health,

[Your Name]


To download in MS WORD, just CLICK or TAP HERE….

To download as a PDF file, just CLICK or TAP HERE….


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