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#1 –  A Free Handout


Do you offer your new and/or existing clients a Welcome Kit… or a knowledge base so they can self-educate?  


If so, here’s a FREE HANDOUT you can offer that will explain the differences between HIIT and Steady State programming.


To grab your FREE HANDOUT, just CLICK or TAP HERE…

NOTE:  If you are a Digital Welcome Kit or Ultimate Web Suite owner… this handout is already branded with YOUR LOGO and posted on your site!

Believe me, most people don’t really know the difference or the rationale behind either one. 


And, let’s face it, for some people a super high intensity program is downright dangerous… especially if they try to emulate it from a video they watched on YouTube!


#2 –  A DIFFERENT HANDOUT – The Technical Details – Research


Here’s another FREE HANDOUT — If you want to dive into the technical weeds of this topic,  I’ve also posted a published research paper titled: The Effects of High Intensity Interval Training vs Steady State Training on Aerobic and Anaerobic Capacity


This research has several authors and is fully documented and footnoted.


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