Step #1 – Relationship Marketing – Numbers


Relationship Marketing is a —> process


As such, there MUST be a STARTING POINT.


So, let’s start with just TWO (2) QUESTIONS:


1.) How many contacts are on your email list? ________________


2.) How many days/weeks/months since you last sent a “non-sales” email to your entire list? _______________


This 1st step is a self-assessment of your email outreach.


Answer #1:  According to surveys, fit pros and health coaches, on average, maintain between 300-400 contacts on their lists.


  • If you have more, consider yourself “above average.”


  • The goal should be a minimum of 1,000 contacts (at least for now).


Answer #2:  The most successful online marketers send non-sales, non-promotional emails to their entire lists 2-3 times per month.


  • Nurturing, “relationship-building” email should contain useful, actionable CONTENT such as:


    • product reviews,
    • recipes and menu plans
    • exercise technique
    • health advice


  • Emails should always contain a link back —> to your website for more information, questions or to retain your services.


How do you stack up?


So, there it is.  As simple as that.


How many?


How often?


Are you about Average?  Above?  Below?


“Well, I’m about average, but, I use social media…”


Listen, I know that email campaigns may not seem very sexy compared to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok and a host of others.


And, perhaps your favorite marketing guru is telling you to “always be selling” with promotions and challenges with tactics such as “scarcity” and “time limitations” as well as a dozen other “BUY NOW” tips and tricks.


All of these marketing mediums and tactics have their time and place.  Heck, I use them, myself, when I’m in “promotion” mode. 


But, not ALL the time.


Isn’t email “old school?”


No, email is NOT “old school.”   


To this day, email is still way more powerful (and cost effective) than almost any other media.  It’s super-targeted and way more effective at building relationships that CONVERT into:

  • New Referrals
  • New Clients 


So, put those two numbers in your head.  How many and how often.  


In my next post, we’ll explore how to capture email addresses and build your list!


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