Is Change Good..?


Here we are…


Months into the new year….


So, let me ask you an important question.

Are you going to do anything different this year?

Has the pandemic changed your approach toward your business?

Have you asked yourself… “What do I really want out of my business this year..?”


Perhaps you answered…


  • ​”I want to be fully booked all year.”


  • ​”I want a six-figure income.”


  • “I want to spend more time with my family”


Everybody would like these things. Who wouldn’t?


But, that’s such an easy question.


The harder, much more important question is this:


“What are you willing to do to achieve these goals

We’ve all heard the phrase, “No pain, no gain.”


Another old adage is, “No risk, no reward.”



Talk to anyone who’s achieved real success and I guarantee you’ll hear stories of stress, insomnia, fear and anxiety.

All of it centered around RISK.

And, not just once… but repeatedly.

Yes… Success ALWAYS involves RISK.

Financial risks
• Emotional risks
• Relationship risks
• Physical Health risks

If you own a business, you’ve already experienced it, right?

It was a huge risk just to start your own business. Do you remember it?


​I sure do.

Maxed-out credit cards. Sleepless nights. Wondering if I’d gone completely insane thinking I could actually run a business…???



​If the Covid-19 Pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that we, as an entire industry, MUST CHANGE.

We must change our collective MINDSET.

We must REINVENT ourselves.

That’s because the “landscape” has changed. The market has changed. Our clients have changed!  Hell.. the whole world has changed!


I read all the trade publications, posts and articles that you probably read.


​It seems like the “industry experts” have embraced a band-aid approach to the pandemic and think that somehow things will return to “normal.”

Maybe getting back to “normal” is a strategy for some operators.

But, not the leaders and visionaries who understand… CHANGE… and it’s inevitability.



Listen, this big shift was going to happen at some point no matter what.

But, the pandemic has forced the issue and accelerated the acceptance of ONLINE SERVICES.

Of course Amazon, Door Dash, Netflix and other online marketers… are fully invested. They were from the start.

But, now, retailers with physical locations like Walmart, Target and CVS are also fully invested in the ONLINE world.

And, frankly, YOU should be, too. At the very least you should be thinking about it and mentally strategizing!

Even if you have a physical location the new digital world requires you to offer your services and products “online.”


​It’s really that simple.

I guarantee your competitors are beginning to figure this out.

So, the “first mover advantage” is yours, right now!


The best way to start is with a self-assessment.

How much of an online presence does your business have?

What kind of online services do your offer?

Is your website up-to-date or does it look old and dated?

What will people learn about YOU and YOUR BUSINESS once they land on your website?

Can you see where this is going..?




​So, as our industry transitions, right now is the absolute best time to make some CHANGES.


And, ask yourself those important questions:

What are you willing to do to achieve your goals?

What risks are you willing to take?


​Just being in this business is risky. Therefore, I know you’re not afraid.

And, working long hard hours has NEVER been an issue.

I hope THIS is your BREAK OUT YEAR!


​I can’t wait to hear of your SUCCESS…!

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