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Jerry LeBow is one of the “Test Pilots” for our new On-Demand “CheckboxJournal Program.”​

He sent out one email with just three (3) paragraphs and sold 27 of his branded 12-Week Journals earning a nice $216 in commissions (which he received immediately via PayPal).

I asked him if he would share what he wrote in his email. He gave the “green light” so here it is:


Hello again, [Client Name],

As you know we’re gearing up for our incredible Labor Day Challenge with a $500 dollar cash grand prize + plus a full year membership! So I am going to let you in on a little secret — that might help you WIN!

I’ve been running this Labor Day Challenge for 12 years and the winners always, ALWAYS kept track of everything (food, exercise, feelings, emotions, supplements, body awareness, etc.) using my JL 12-Week Transformation Journals [link to page].

If you’re serious about winning, or even more importantly, serious about TRANSFORMING YOUR BODY then think seriously of maintaining my JL 12-Week Transformation Journal [link to page] and get started NOW before we even begin the Labor Day Challenge. Just click here to BUY NOW [link to page].

Yours in health,


That was it. His email went out on Friday, July 30.

Within five days we shipped 27 of his branded 12-Week Journals to his clients and he’s earned an INSTANT $216.

(Not bad for just a 3-paragraph email).

Other “Test Pilots” are crushing it, too:

  • Mary Jennings
  • Candice Camille
  • Sydney Herrigan 
  • Darryl Daniels


These health professionals have all sold multiple units of their branded TRANSFORMATION JOURNALS through their exclusive “CheckboxJournal Pages.”

So…. with this kind of success, the “CheckboxJournal Program” is FULLY OPEN and it’s FREE!

For more information on getting started just CLICK or TAP HERE.

Everything is be built on a “First Come – First Serve” basis… so get in EARLY… like RIGHT NOW! —> CLICK or TAP HERE​

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