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It’s interesting how many Fit Pros and Health Coaches do NOT offer nutritional supplements to their clients and members.

I know… I know… many believe it’s unprofessional or unethical to offer nutritional supplements.

And, some think it’s beyond their “scope of practice.”

It’s not.

Insurance? Nope, just like anything else, liability rests with the manufacturer. NOT the distributor… even with your logo.

Yet, ironically, after nutritionists/dietitians, fit pros and health coaches are absolutely the most qualified to offer nutritional formulations.

Especially sports nutrition formulas that help with muscle recovery, tissue synthesis and other metabolic efficiencies.

You are certainly more qualified than the kid behind the counter at GNC or the Vitamin Shoppe.

And, even more qualified than most doctors who really don’t know much about nutrition at all.

Making it even more ironic is the fact that almost all amateur and professional athletes supplement their nutrition.


Here again, the supplements sales are either non-existent or an epic fail.

You’ll find national brands just sitting on a shelf with no proactive attempt to market them… except for 50% OFF sales.

Even that attempt is half-hearted and questions the validity and freshness of the products.

Nothing that “sits on a shelf” will ever sell itself with any consistency. That’s been proven over and over.


It’s weird because nutritional supplements are literally the “perfect companion” to your services.

Like a navigation system for your car!

As fit pros and health coaches we talk about the value of NUTRITION all the time!

Yet, somehow, we think it’s a sin to recommend and/or offer nutritional formulations to support their menu plans!


Chuck Taylor is a personal trainer/boutique studio owner with 3 staff trainers in the Tampa area. He’s been offering his own brand of supplements for over 15 years.

He’s labeled his supplement business as the “hidden jewel” that just keeps on “producing!”

Admittedly, Chuck knows a lot about nutrition and supplementation. Over the years he’s conducted workshops and seminars on the subject.

As a result, his supplement sales have grown from $450/mth in 2006 to over $4,500 of repeat purchases every single month!

Now THAT is recurring revenue!

Sure, it took a long time to build, but now it’s a predictable monthly revenue stream for his business…

Even his inactive clients continue to purchase supplements from his online store!!


Honestly, the opportunities that present themselves today are significantly more than just 5 years ago.

Most especially the online world where you can:

  • Offer branded supplements (of course!)
  • Offer branded apparel
  • Offer fitness accessories/equipment
  • Offer online courses
  • Offer online memberships
  • Offer online workouts
  • Become product affiliates

And the list goes on.

Truly it is a “NEW DAY” with lots of opportunities.

And, yes, of course, it’s blatant self-promotion to say this…

But, offering your own brand, re-purchasable supplements is a “no-brainer” and a great place to start!

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