The New Fitness Marketing Ecosystem


These words…


…were casually stated last Friday during a marketing podcast.


The speaker probably didn’t realize how impactful her words were.


I wrote them down because they were so powerful and insightful.


If you are a small fitness business owner or an independent coach or trainer… these words actually predict the future.


I hope you’ll read them two or three times because they speak directly to YOU!


It’s literally a “vision statement” for next-generation health and fitness pros:




“The modern fitness professional is changing; fitness marketing is changing. Consumers are “digital” first.


They expect an in-person like “experience” online — and, want an emotional connection with the trainers and coaches they trust, befriend and love.


Health and fitness professionals must evolve to compete in this new market, and successfully expand their businesses online.”


Jaw drop….


I love these words so much that I put the whole paragraph on my home page.


Within these words is the EXACT REASON why smaller, niched-out fitness businesses with extensive online “hubs” of:


✅ Engaging content
✅ Custom services
✅ Niche-specific programming
✅ Branded products/services

….will absolutely DOMINATE THEIR MARKETS.


And, they will do so with much higher profit margins than all others. Period.


The New Model is an Ecosystem!


Here’s what I mean by ecosystem…


If you own an iPhone, chances are pretty good you own other Apple products like a MacBook… iPad… Apple TV… Apple Watch, etc.

Once you’re in the Apple ecosystem, you don’t need or want any other brand. They offer everything you need.


👉 Apple is a consumer technology “Ecosystem.”


The new fitness business model is the same thing:


👉  YOUR FITNESS BUSINESS = consumer health and fitness “Ecosystem.”


Here’s the TRUTH…


It’s no longer good enough to offer your clients and prospects a website that’s nothing more than a “digital sales pitch!”


The new fitness business websites go BEYOND schedules, testimonials, services and staff bios.


The new websites will serve as an online ecosystem offering an engaging “experience!”


Everything from healthy recipes and lifestyle video tutorials to product reviews and interactive educational courses — all designed to create a CONNECTION and RELATIONSHIP with YOU (befriend, trust and love).


Your digital ecosystem will evolve into multiple passive profit centers supported by a loyal tribe of members and clients as well as online visitors who consistently purchase your digital services and products.


Take a Field Trip….


I always recommend a visit to an Apple store to visualize the ecosystem concept.


Here’s a list of locations: CLICK or TAP HERE…


If you go, just roam around and get a sense of it.


It’s the way forward for all health professionals.


You can do this..!


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