Have you watched the series, Ted Lasso?

If so, you’ll relate.

If not, the only thing you need to know is that above his door is a yellow sign with blue, hand-written letters that reads:


It’s the centerpiece of the entire series.


* To believe in yourself.

* To believe in your team.

* To believe in your business.

* To believe in the importance of what you do!

ALL OF IT…. requires 100%, total belief!


Because, “LACK OF BELIEF” is one HUGE reason why so many fitness businesses fail!

Oh sure, you’ve heard the excuses:

👉 the competition…

👉 the pandemic…

👉 the lack of capital

👉 … and 100 other reasons

Yet, thousands of successful coaches and trainers have weathered ALL of that stuff and grown their businesses despite the odds!

How? Ask Ted Lasso!



Here’s something else that successful fit pros and coaches do.

They bring on other fit pros and coaches who BELIEVE.

It’s not about hiring people who can “do” the job.

It’s all about finding “like-minded” professionals who BELIEVE in the mission.

Take a look at some of the most successful high profile entrepreneurs of this century:

  • Steve Jobs
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Bill Gates
  • Jeff Bezos
  • Martha Stewart
  • Elon Musk
  • Sarah Blakely
  • Richard Branson

These billionaires surrounded themselves with partners who believed in their vision. Made it their own!

BELIEVE. (see where this is going?).

That kind of momentum is incredibly powerful!


Almost all fit pros and coaches are passionate about health and fitness — with a sincere desire to help others achieve their goals.

But, passion is NOT the same as belief.

Passion often sits in front of a computer screen…. or, stays within the four walls of a studio or club.

Fitness professionals who truly BELIEVE are evangelists.

They are out speaking at public seminars, workshops, conferences, health fairs and anywhere they can get their message across — and convince others to BELIEVE.


Another thing that stands out among fit pros and coaches who BELIEVE, is their decision-making process.

If something “fits” their vision, they act on it without hesitation.

I bear witness to this behavior all the time.

For example:

There’s a huge difference between those who BELIEVE in nutritional supplementation and those who simply sell products for the sake of additional revenue.

Same with EDUCATION.

Those who truly BELIEVE in health education execute without pause. I see it all the time with fit pros, coaches, teachers and medical professionals who purchase Onboard 101.




So, how about you?

Do you believe in your mission?

Do you believe in your business?

Do you truly believe in YOU?

Chances are pretty good that if you’re one of our long-term partners — you do BELIEVE.

And, that’s why after 10, 20 even 30 years you’re still going strong — and still thinking of new ways to help your clients as well as grow your business.


I’m often asked why I started our branding business.

I’ve always been passionate about nutrition and exercise, but there’s a higher order that drives me.

I believe in people… especially those who help their clients navigate toward a positive lifestyle and mindset.

And, nowhere is this more evident than in the health and fitness industry.

So, yes… I believe.


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