You’ve Got This


Do you sense this, too?

Maybe it’s because of the pandemic. Or the lousy economy.

Or… perhaps it’s because our industry, with all the new technology, is radically changing at an accelerated pace.

Whatever it is, after 33 years in the fitness industry, there seems to be some “weirdness” — at least among the studio, club and independent coaches/trainers I communicate with.

It feels like a lack of confidence.

An unwillingness to “pull the trigger” and move forward.

Lately, my coaching conversations have included some “close-ended” questions.

When honestly answered, these simple questions have been very helpful for clients are going through this phase.

So let me share them with you…

Do you:

👉 Look for others to validate how you run your business?

👉 Wait for someone else to give you the green light to implement the things you already know you need to do?

👉 Value the approval of others over your own?

👉 Talk yourself out of the dreams you have for your business because no one else understands your vision?

Did you answer “YES” to any of these questions?


It’s Common…!

If so, you’re definitely NOT alone.

All entrepreneurs go through these periods of self-reflection.

I’ve answered “yes” to all of those questions many times throughout my career.

But, what I’ve learned in over 3 decades of doing some really hard things — successes and failures — is no matter what challenges you face — or what goals you hope to achieve, it will always come down to YOU!


Trust Yourself…

So herein lies the secret to the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet… like Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and others…

👉 They don’t wait for someone to “have their back”

👉 You need to have your own back… even when you’re filled with self-doubt.

👉 Stand up for what you know to be true… even if your knees get wobbly.

👉 Have faith in your ability to figure anything out… even if it feels beyond your comprehension.

👉 Believe in yourself … even when there’s nobody else who will.



Trust me on this….

If you are a business owner… or an entrepreneur with some big ideas, you really need to BELIEVE in your vision and most importantly, YOURSELF.

Yes, it’s uncomfortable, but self-doubt is part of the journey.

Don’t wait around for someone to relieve you from it.

Own it. Embrace it.

Use that same energy to move forward and TRUST that you’ll be alright.

In fact, you might end up AMAZING!!!

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