Fitness Marketing Bias


This really happened….

In 1985 my boss and business mentor came storming into my office all red-faced, eyes popping, veins bulging and literally screamed at me:



Almost 40 years later I’ve never forgotten it.

In fact, it’s been a guiding light throughout my marketing career.


As V.P. Marketing for Guitar Center part of my job was to make bulk purchases for all of the stores.

My boss was furious because I had overloaded the stores with Gibson Guitars.

Why did I do that?

Because that’s the guitar I PLAY.

Yes, there were plenty of other guitar brands… good ones, like Fender, Jackson, Paul Reed Smith, Kramer, Ibanez… just to name a few.

But, I played Gibson and subconsciously (or maybe consciously) over-ordered Gibsons… thus, my screaming boss!

Biased Decision Making…

How many of us make decisions based on our own biases toward products, services and even exercise protocol?

It happens more than you might think.

Making unbiased business decisions requires discipline and perspective.

“You are NOT your customer” is another way of saying, “Meet your clients where they are.”

How many of us actually do that?

Here’s Something I See…

In speaking with several studio owners, small club owners and other health professionals I’ve noticed a recent “mindset shift” that goes something like this:

“Thank God the pandemic is over and people are coming back into the facility. Now I don’t need to figure out all that complicated “online stuff!”


This is another example of biased thinking.

Or, perhaps pure denial!

Just because YOU might struggle with all the technology, doesn’t mean your CLIENTS do.


Nor does it mean your clients don’t want online services!

Hell, the entire fitness industry spent two years teaching everyone HOW to use Zoom and HOW to participate in “live stream workouts” on all kinds of various platforms.

Technology and providing “online services” is NOT going away.

Just the opposite. It’s become the NEW NORMAL and growing!

A Competitive Edge…


Mary Delaney (small studio owner in WV) sells against her competitors by letting prospects know that when they go on vacation or can’t get to her studio they can login to her Video On-Demand Workouts on her website. (She literally meets them where they are!)

She reminds them that no other fitness facility in her town offers this service!

Online training is especially effective and profitable if you have a niche course.

✅ Steve Nunno offers a complete online video workout course specifically for Firefighters.

✅ Dan Ryder offers an online video training course for Elite Runners.

✅ Judy Bowers offers online video workouts for Ski Conditioning.

Two (2) Truths You Can Live By…

Here are 2 things you can absolutely count on in the fitness business:

1️⃣ You are not your customer. Meet them where they are.

2️⃣ Online offerings are here to stay. It’s the new normal.



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