Is Your Business a Gym Rat?


Here’s a fun exercise I recently discovered…

I attended a marketing conference last week and one of the speakers’ topics was:


It was all about helping companies get better at technology – and most especially their websites.

The speaker demonstrated what he calls an “equivalency technique” to help his corporate clients better understand where they are in the world of technology and website engagement.

He provided an example for his big Accounting Firm clients.

For them, he might say:

🔴 Your website is so bad, it’s the equivalent to the person who hides his or her cash under the mattress!

🔴 Or… your website is not bad, but not great either. It’s the equivalent to a business owner who uses great accounting software but never reconciles any of the accounts!

✅ Or… your website is fantastic. It’s the equivalent to a business owner who has a daily snapshot of his finances showing cash flow, margins and financial details allowing for projections!

You get the idea…



His talk about “equivalents” got me thinking about us and our industry and how we handle our digital platforms:

🔴 Bad Website: Is like the person who has a fitness membership but never shows up!

🔴 Mediocre Website: Is like the person who shows up inconsistently and wonders why he or she is making no progress.

✅ Fantastic Website: Is like the High Ticket Gym Rat who purchases training and sends referrals!



The whole point of the marketing conference was to prepare for the future.

As we head into a downturn economy, millions of people will seek online services and products to fulfill their needs because:

👉 They are going to drive less.

👉 They are going to be time-crunched (some working two jobs).

👉 They are going to spend less for all the obvious reasons.

Passive income and multiple revenue generators are already a “thing” for successful fitness business owners.

✅ Online affiliate links (home equipment)
✅ Online affiliate links (food delivery)
✅ Online apparel store
✅ Online supplement store
✅ Online workouts (subscription)
✅ Online nutrition plans
✅ Online courses
✅ Online premium coaching (Zoom, Google, etc)

So, as we all prep for 2023, I hope you’re taking action and your website is a Gym Rat!

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