Fitness Marketing – The EXACT Formula


Here’s the EXACT FORMULA that Susie Lundqren (studio owner in Virginia) uses to create a “warm audience” and then typically converts about 30% of her “warm” prospects into studio members and/or online “paid subscribers.”

And, yes, of course, she uses our health and fitness marketing components... including THIS and THIS


First and foremost, Susie uses lead magnets (optin forms) on her website.

Then, ALL social media posts re-direct to her lead magnet/optin forms —> ALWAYS! ALWAYS! ALWAYS!

The lead magnet is her branded recipes:

Her “Lead Magnet / Optin Form” looks very similar to this set-up on our DEMO SITE.


This next step is automated and goes in two directions.

When a visitor completes YOUR Lead Magnet / Optin Form, his or her “contact info” will be automatically forwarded (contact migration) to both:

1.) Your email address (


2.) Your Email Service Provider (ESP) such as Convert Kit, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Aweber, etc.

If you don’t have an ESP, you should really look into it… like right away!

Automated email campaigns require a competent email service provider (ESP). I recommend 

Susie uses Convert Kit because like all ESPs, it allows her to store all her clients’ email addresses as well as set up an “EMAIL SEQUENCE.”


Here is the big difference between successful fitness marketers and the millions who struggle.

“What we have here is a failure to communicate”
– Cool Hand Luke – movie 1967

Most health and fitness professionals (about 87% according to a survey) do NOT have automated email campaigns (sequences) set-up to nurture and breed confidence among “blind prospects” (people who visit your website unknown to YOU)  (for details about Nurturing Campaigns, CLICK or TAP HERE…)


O.K., so, THIS is the most difficult part… where most small business owners struggle.

First thing to know is that setting up a “Nurture Sequence” involves two (2) important tasks.

1.) Write Several Emails

2.) Set-up the Technology

It’s important to approach this task with the mindset of “reverse engineering.”

By that, I mean write the emails FIRST.

Then, deal with the technology SECOND.

The diagram above is a visual display of a “nurture sequence” flow:

1.) Optin Form is completed

2.) Contact Info is forwarded to you and your ESP

3.) ESP tags and archives the prospect’s Contact Info

4.) ESP triggers “SEQUENCE” and Email #1 is sent immediately (or scheduled)

5.) ESP AUTOMATION sends Emails 2-6 on a pre-determined schedule (ex: one email every 7 days)


The #1 RULE with nurturing email is to remember they are all about the PROSPECT.

Not you!

The goal is to “resonate” with them as well as display some empathy.

After reading your email(s), your prospects should be thinking:

“This person “gets” me!”

That’s the first step in gaining the trust and confidence of your “cold” audience (blind prospects).

You’ll be surprised when a “warm” prospect finally decides to meet you “in-person” or via phone/Zoom — He or she will converse with you as if you’ve been best friends for years!

All because you made it about THEM.


Nurture email campaigns are a MARKETING tactic… NOT a sales tactic.

It is playing the “long-ball” to gain long-term, affluent (and very loyal) clients.

It’s not a quick-fix or instant gratification type process.

But, I can assure you it is the most effective and successful “conveyor belt” of new “quality” clients if applied constantly and consistently.

And, once the “up-front” work is complete (emails and tech), it’s all being executed automatically – with no additional effort on your part.

Automation is what “online marketing” is all about.

When you hear marketing experts talking about “systems,” — this is what they are referring to.

Here’s the truth, [FIRST NAME GOES HERE], there are a gazillion “sales gurus” in the fitness industry.

And, if all you care about is the “churn ‘n burn” approach, then, you don’t need any of this.

In fact, if your expectations for nurture emails is to produce quick sales, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

The typical experience with “nurture campaigns” is that you receive a call or appointment from a complete stranger who thinks YOU are his or her new “best friend!”

It may seem random, but THAT is the SYSTEM at work!

And, that’s how Susie Lundgren has continued to grow her loyal client base and revenues over the past 10 years despite the pandemic, economic conditions and larger/less expensive competitors.


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