The NO-GUTS, NO GLORY Instant Sales Generator


It’s baffling..!

Every day the marketing gurus are pitching fitness challenges, marketing funnels, non-stop social media posts, podcasts, live streaming… and the list goes on and on.

All with a single purpose: to gain new clients.

But when asked if any of these complex tactics converted participants into actual clients – the conversation gets awkward.

The real story is… a lot of this stuff causes frustration, dismay and upset, because it’s a ton of freakin’ hard work — and it’s SUPPOSED to generate a bunch of new clients,

But it doesn’t. (O.K., maybe one or two…😢)

Maybe you’ve experienced something like this, yourself.

Have you been trying all kinds of stuff that takes forever to set up and a crazy amount of energy to execute?

Is a marketing guru telling you to just do more of it… trust the system… work harder — and it will eventually succeed?

Here’s a marketing truism.

Doing MORE of what doesn’t work will never create success!

But there is ONE (1) proven sales and marketing tactic that is 100% successful every single time it’s tried.

And, it typically generates a “VOLUME” of new clients.


I’ll cut right to the chase.

The most successful tactic for service based businesses is: OUTREACH.

In particular, PUBLIC SPEAKING – as in live seminars and workshops.

To be even more specific — the topic is: Weight-Management.

After all, YOU are an EXPERT on this topic.

As a health professional, you eat, breath and live it every day.

On top of all that, you actually know way MORE than most medical professionals when it comes to this topic.

Yes… yes… I know.

The thought of public speaking throws most people into a full-blown anxiety attack!

That’s why it’s a “No Guts – No Glory” tactic.

Listen, almost all successful entrepreneurs public speak. Period.

If you’re panic stricken, you’re not alone. Even the best still get nervous.

Eventually, you’ll get over it! (Maybe a coach?)


Here’s why this is so baffling.

Did you know that WEIGHT-LOSS is the second most popular topic in the entire world? (Wealth building is #1)


Rory Gilligan, a wellness coach in Oregon, recently titled his presentation: “How to Lose Weight, Boost Your Immune System & Gain Overall Health — All at Once.”

I know. That’s a pretty long title but he had over 150 people attend his presentation.

He told me that he had a 63% sign-up rate up for his 8-week online coaching program @$19.99/mth. (you can do the math – but I think it rounds out to about $15,000.)

It gets even better. Two of the attendees invited him to speak at two different venues. A corporate conference and a church group.


Yes… the Nike tagline certainly works in this case.

Just put together your Weight-Management Presentation (slide deck, whiteboard, flipchart, etc.)

Reach out and offer it to your local community for free (businesses, municipalities, schools, houses of worship, recreation centers, condo and apartment complexes, etc.)

Challenge yourself to get outside your comfort zone… out from behind the computer… away from all the crazy stuff that isn’t working!

I guarantee… if you provide a decent presentation, in person, and connect with your audience (hot leads right in front of you)… you will have more clients than you know what to do with!!!

❤️ You can DO this…!



Yes… this is leading up to our launch of the totally rejuvenated and updated “Private Label Seminar Kit.” 

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