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If you rely on LEAD GENERATION to grow your business, then, 👉 read on…. (the FREE LETTER download is halfway down within Step #2)


Before I get into the 3 STEPS, you should know this is all about OUTREACH.


Because 97% of all health and fitness pros rely on “passive marketing” ie., waiting for clients to COME TO THEM (via social media, phone, in-person, referrals, lead-gen agencies, etc.).

As opposed to “pro-active marketing” and GOING TO WHERE THE CLIENTS ARE (via live presentations at companies, business orgs, schools, houses of worship, hospitals, municipalities, police, fire, etc.)


TRUTH: 👉 if health professionals spent as much time creating a presentation as they do creating worthless social media posts, they’d be magnificent! (and fully booked 100% 👍)

Listen… a simple visual presentation is easily put together with Powerpoint, Keynote or even Google slides.

You can model it after ours since it’s a proven presentation for over 30 years. CLICK or TAP HERE…

Topics can be:

✅ General Health & Lifestyle

✅ Weight Loss (second most popular topic in the world)

✅ Immune System (especially effective since Covid-19)

Interestingly, you can present the exact same information for all three topics since it’s the same 3Ps Protocol:

✅ Proper Nutrition

✅ Productive Exercise

✅ Positive Mindset


Yes, email lists are all the rage, but believe me — for this tactic, a physical, hand-signed letter to a “decision maker” is 100% more effective.

While many marketing gurus consider direct mail to be legacy marketing… it’s not. And, besides, who cares what it’s labeled if it WORKS!!!

Here’s an example from just a few months ago:

I helped Tiffany Langley write this pitch letter. To download the MS Word doc, just CLICK or TAP HERE...

Next, she bought one (1) roll of “forever” stamps @$.63 cents for a total of $63 dollars (100 stamps).

Then, she recruited her two teenage daughters to hand address 100 envelopes to her list of Human Resource Directors, Presidents, CEOs and other decision makers of the largest companies in her city (this took three weeks to build).

NOTE: You can conduct a Google search to find the decision makers in your market area. Search for “top executives in [your city]” or “top 100 companies in [your city]”
You’ll need to do a little digging, but this information is readily available especially among public companies.

For Tiffany’s direct mail approach, five (5) executives responded to her direct mail (5% is great) and two (2) of them booked her presentation within 2 months of her mailing.

The cost of stamps and envelopes was just over $100.

 Tiffany’s Results: She shared with me that her two presentations were in front of a total of 87 people (31 employees at one company and 56 at the other).

She also gained all of their email addresses (voluntarily) 87 and within 3 weeks added 22 new clients into her small group sessions at her facility.


This part is crucial. Don’t suck!

The absolute best speakers and presenters in the world will tell you to practice, practice, practice, and then, practice some more.

It’s all about the reps!

Rehearse your presentation in front of family, friends, staff and anyone willing to help you.

Here’s the great news. Once you get your presentation “down” you’ll be able to perform it over and over again…. and you’ll only get better and BETTER!

HINT: Here are some great “one-liners” you might add to your presentation: CLICK or TAP HERE…

So that’s it:

✅ Step #1 – Create a Presentation

✅ Step #2 – Pitch / Reach Out to Decision Makers

✅ Step #3 – Present (and be AWESOME!)


Here’s the thing…

The business you’ve chosen is one of the most competitive industries in the world!

There’s no barrier to entry.

Anyone can open a club or studio.

There are thousands of non-certified trainers and coaches.

So, if you really want to differentiate yourself from the pack….

If you want to display your expertise and credibility…

If you want to generate the revenue that builds success….

Then, consider this kind of OUTREACH!

I guarantee it will not only change your business…it will change your life!

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