Artificial Intelligence – Is AI Your Friend or Foe?


You know it’s coming

…. and we’d all be foolish to think AI is not going to impact our businesses.

Yours, mine, everybody’s!


First off… as health and fitness professionals, we’re all in a great position.

That’s because AI will never be able to duplicate the “human touch.”

So, while some people are fretting over AI replacing them… AI will actually benefit health professionals… most especially because we work in the physical world.


Just as we use technology, today, AI will become more of a tool to augment and support our craft.

Think about it. So much of what we do is about:

👉 human touch

👉 motivation

👉 connection

These are not the attributes where AI excels.


AI is going to be super helpful in operating our businesses. For example:

✅ Training Program Design:

AI will help you instantly create even more sophisticated personalized training programs for your clients.

It will analyze body compositionmovement patterns, past injuries, performance metrics, TDEE, etc.

Then, using AI algorithms it will generate customized workout and nutrition plans “optimized” specifically for that particular client — all within seconds! And, it will be way beyond what’s currently available today.

If you train competitive athletes, AI will be a “game-changer!”

✅ Online Coaching:

AI-powered “online” coaching platforms will be able to provide “real-time” guidance and feedback to clients based on what it’s “seeing” through video analysis (on Zoom or other live streams).

Using pre-programmed “proper technique” algorithms AI will perform an instant analysis followed by immediate corrections and suggestions for improvement. In “real time.” Amazing…!

✅ Accountability and Analysis:

AI algorithms already analyze huge volumes of data. Now, just imagine all the data collected from fitness trackers, wearables and other devices to provide super deep insights based on literally millions of comparisons – instantly!

You’ll be able to use this information to holistically monitor your clients’ progress, identify patterns and make data-driven decisions to enhance each individual training program like never before.

It will take “optimization” to a whole new level!

✅ Automated Business Operations:

Where to even begin on this one! AI will revolutionize the administrative and operational tasks of your business.

Just one small example: AI-powered scheduling systems will be able to configure and optimize class timetables based on:

👉 client preferences

👉 attendance patterns

👉 demographics

👉 weather

👉 traffic

… thus, reducing scheduling conflicts and maximizing class capacity.

And, of course, visual AI chatbots (with your exact likeness and voice) will handle member/client and prospect inquiries and provide immediate responses.

Did I mention marketing? All those social media posts and sequential emails that take so much time to create and schedule will become a “task-of-the-past!”


And, with all it’s knowledge – and data driven approach, AI will clearly do a better job of it!

Ultimately, AI is going to free up time for all health professionals to focus more on client engagement rather than administrative and/or operational tasks.

👍 I’M ALL IN…! 💪

Unlike those who fret about it, the team and I are diving all in 100% to learn about AI and how to implement AI functionality into our Websites, eCommerce Platforms and Online Courses.

If you’re already a digital partner, you’ll receive these updates for free as we roll them out into your websites and digital platforms.

As the song goes, “The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades!”



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