Fitness Promotions: BACK-TO-SCHOOL



Summer just started…

… and do you know what the most successful health and fitness marketers in the world are doing right now…?

They are already planning their “Back-to-School” promotions!!! 😲


For all fit pros, coaches, studios, clubs, etc., the next “BIG EVENT” that offers a ton of free publicity and encourages consumers to pull-out-their-wallets is:

​👉 “Back-to-School.”

Believe me…. it’s not just about “school” anymore.

It’s a giant SALES EVENT… period!


September is the time of year when parents actually gain time (kids in school).

September often triggers a healthy “consumer mindset.” It’s the time of year when millions of people think: “I’ve got to get back on track.”

September is when millions of people start to anticipate the upcoming holidays… (and want to look good!)


So, think about the unique types of programs, courses, products and services that make sense for your business.

✅ Back-to-School Boot Camps

✅ Back-to-School Transformation Challenges

✅ Sport-Specific Training Packages (Skiing, Hockey, Basketball)

✅ Weight-Management / Nutrition Courses

✅ Seminars / Webinars

✅ Lunch & Learns (Corporate, Church, Community Groups, Meet-ups, Business Orgs.)

✅ Grocery Store Field Trips

Then, be sure they begin right after Labor Day (Monday, Sept 4th.)


Of course, the response from thousands of fit pros is:

What…? Huh..? Isn’t it too early?



Our health and fitness industry is so sales driven that we often forget that successful marketing is a “conveyor belt” of important tasks and activities — all planned in advance.

TRUTH: The most successful health and fitness businesses are those who are planned out months in advance!


Unfortunately, most health professionals are so busy running their businesses that they often end up “scrambling.”

As a result, they’re not able to maximize the opportunity to gain a ton of new referrals, new clients, upsells, re-activations, cross sales – and increased revenue across the board.

If this sounds like you, then, somewhere in your busy schedule you’ll need to figure out how to find some time to just do some simple “advanced planning”… even if it’s on the back of a napkin!

The successful marketer’s playbook is:

👉 Plan
👉 Promote
👉 Execute

The more you conduct “advanced planning”… and discover how smoothly things run… and how much more profitable a “planned, promoted and executed” promotion is, the more successful and profitable your entire business will become.

✅ Plan NOW!

✅ Promote through August

✅ Execute in September

If nothing else… I hope this gets your “wheels” turning…! 👍

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