Confused About Supplements – Free Handout



If there’s one thing in the fitness business that causes a tremendous amount of confusion… it’s supplements.


Seriously, you almost need to be a biochemist to understand them.  And, that’s exactly why bogus manufacturers get away with so many crappy products.


For example, would you know how to tell whether or not the product is using “natural vitamin E” or “synthetic vitamin E?”


And, how fresh is the product.   Never mind the expiration date.  Did you know that powders begin to degrade almost immediately?


What if your protein powder has been sitting in a warehouse for a year or two before it makes its way to your shelf and eventually your clients or members.  Believe me… it’s not the same protein as when it was manufactured.


Does your favorite multi-vitamin smell good and swallow easy?  If so, then it’s probably because it’s coated with a varnish.  That’s right a varnish that’s super smooth and hides the smell


BUT...  sometimes, that same varnish can not be broken down by your body and the product can actually pass through your entire digestive tract without ever dissolving!


And, if you’re confused about supplements… think of how your clients and members feel!


So, to that end, here’s a little mini-poster you can download.  CLICK HERE…