5 Advantages of an ONLINE Health Education Course


It’s amazing how many health, fitness, wellness and medical professionals miss the opportunity to help their clients achieve their goals by not offering to educate them.


After all, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.right?


Here are five (5) advantages that go to those who choose to EMPOWER their clients, members and patients through an “ONLINE” health education course like our Onboard 101 Platform


Enhancing Client Understanding & Empowerment:


An online health education course builds a comprehensive foundation and “Knowledge Base” about how the human body actually functions. 


And, it does so using easy-to-understand concepts delivered through clear and articulate text, graphic illustrations and professionally narrated videos.


By understanding the basics, such as how different nutrients affect their body or how aerobic and anaerobic activities contribute to their wellbeing, clients, members and patients become more informed resulting in them becoming more proactive in their own health journey.


This knowledge empowers them to make more informed decisions, leading to improved outcomes and overall wellbeing.


Reinforcing the Value of a Health Professional’s Guidance:


A white-label course with YOUR BRAND LOGO emphasizes YOUR EXPERTISE and COMMITMENT to an overall comprehensive holistic approach toward health and wellbeing.


By offering an organized and thorough curriculum, you will reinforce your role as trusted expert and authority in your field.


It not only positions you as a LEADER...  but, also strengthens the trust and rapport with your clients and the community.


Passive Income Stream:

At the end of the day, all businesses need to generate revenue.  And, your business is no exception. 


Offering an online course like Onboard 101  represents a huge opportunity for all health and fitness professionals to generate passive income.


Onboard 101 is a fully developed 12-module curriculum and set-up to operate automatically.   So, it can be sold repeatedly to an unlimited number of “students” with no additional effort.


This not only boosts the financial health of your business, but also offers a passive revenue stream that’s independent of your direct service hours, allowing you to literally make money in your sleep — as well as providing additional financial stability.


Reaching a Wider Health and Fitness Audience:



With the increasing trend of online learning, a health course like Onboard 101 has the potential to reach a global audience.


This allows you to expand your impact beyond your local community to a global audience.  With an online course, you’ll benefit individuals who might not have access to such information or resources in their region.


This larger audience also means a broader customer base, increasing potential sales and brand recognition for other products and services you might offer like supplements, apparel and online training.


Consistent Messaging & Standardized Education:


In the world of health, fitness and wellness, misinformation is rampant.


By providing a comprehensive, professional, peer-reviewed course, you’ll ensure that your clients receive accurate, consistent and evidence-based information.


This standardization ensures clients, members, and patients get the same high-quality education.  This will reduce confusion and reinforce your key messaging toward health and fitness — done right.


Help Them Get Onboard with Their Own Bodies….


In conclusion, offering an ONLINE health education course like Onboard 101 is not just a sound business decision for health professionals; it’s a step forward in enhancing client, member and patient care, empowerment and the overall health literacy of the community.


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