How to Attract a Mass Volume of Weight-Loss Clients


Just 2 months ago, ​Annie Littlefield, a sports nutritionist/trainer read on our site that Weight-Loss is the second most popular topic in the world (behind wealth building).​

So, she decided to send this letter out to 20 different family medical practices within a 30 mile radius of her market area.

​👉 To DOWNLOAD this LETTER TEMPLATE: —> CLICK or TAP HERE… (MS Word direct-to-desktop)

One of them took her up on her offer (she’s in dialog with two others).

The family medical practice promoted her presentation in an email campaign to their entire list of patients. And they created special social media posts as part of their own educational outreach series — at NO COST to her.

Last week, she delivered a 1-hour presentation: “How to Eat Healthy, Lose Weight and Save a Ton of Money at the Grocery Store” to over 157 people.

She will end up with a bunch of them as new clients (and 157 new email addresses)!

Here is her outline:

How to Eat Healthy, Lose Weight and Save a Ton of Money at the Grocery Store​


Back to Basics

👉 The connection between diet and health: Why what you eat matters.

👉 Weight loss through nutrition: Debunking myths and focusing on sustainable habits.

👉 Budget-friendly nutrition: Healthy foods cost less than processed foods

Plan Ahead

👉 Meal prep benefits: Save time, money, and make healthier choices.

👉 Master the art of the grocery list: Stick to your plan and avoid impulse buys.

Smarty Pants Shopping

👉 Loyalty programs and apps: Getting rewards and discounts with minimal effort.

👉 Understanding sales cycles: Stock up when prices drop.

👉 Reducing food waste: Leftover love and proper food storage.

👉 Farmer’s markets & local sources: Always fresher.

Nutrition Strategies for Weight Loss

👉 Optimal caloric intake (we all have a number… maybe 2!)

👉 Balancing macronutrients: proteins, carbs, and fats.

👉 Hydration: The importance of drinking water and cutting out sugary drinks.

Making Healthy Choices Delicious

👉 Simple, tasty recipes: Eating healthy doesn’t mean boring.

👉 Spices and herbs: Flavorful additions without the added calories.

👉 Alternative ingredients: Swap out calorie-dense items for healthier options.

How to Stay Motivated

👉 Setting realistic goals: Achievable steps that lead to long-term success.

👉 Celebrate small victories: Reward yourself without resorting to junk food.

👉 Find a community: Support from friends, family, or online groups.

​✅ Summary

👉 The journey is not a sprint. It’s about living a positive lifestyle, developing sustainable habits, making informed decisions, and, most importantly, enjoying the process!


Here’s another medical referral example from two years ago: CLICK or TAP HERE…

It’s no secret… presentations, seminars, workshops, etc. — in front of multiple prospects is EXACTLY how you gain a mass volume of new clients and grow your business.

That’s why success motivators like Tony Robbins, John Maxwell, Dan Kennedy and so many others ALWAYS speak to large crowds – volumes of prospects!

YOU can do the exact same thing with your own knowledge and expertise!

I hope you find these examples to be helpful in your own planning and marketing!


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