The NEW Health & Fitness Business Model


Oh yes… in so many ways the health and fitness industry has remained the same for over 50 years.  Big box facilities, franchises, boutique studios,  independent trainers and coaches, etc. 


It’s true that most the equipment (except free weights) has modernized with new designs and engineering —  but, it’s basically the same idea in terms of muscle activation and movement protocol, etc. 


Even the new distribution vehicles including live streaming, evergreen workout videos, etc., incorporate the same modalities from past decades of proven protocol to achieve better physical health. 


🔆 Fitness is Evolving:  


Today, however, things are moving quickly. 


In fact, even the definition of “fitness” now incorporates much more than just the physical side of things.



🥗 Holistic Approach to Health:


Today’s health and fitness leaders understand that “health” and/or “fitness” is no longer confined to physical attributes (height, weight, body comp) and how much one can lift or how fast a person can run.


The leaders and innovators fully understand the new health and fitness protocol and business model is a comprehensive state of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social well-being.


By addressing the “big picture” of a client’s lifestyle, a professional can provide a more rounded and holistic approach to health.


After all, what good is an intense workout if your clients are skimping on sleep, feeling overwhelmed and constantly stressed?

🎓 Start with Basic Education:


O.K. let’s first acknowledge that most people have very little knowledge about how their bodies actually function. 


Therefore, the starting point to help people with their lifestyle decisions is to provide a solid foundation from which to build.


Yes, this is my blatant plug for our own Onboard 101 online curriculum available for resale to your clients.

With a basic understanding on how their bodies actually function, clients will be empowered with a basic foundation and, from there, then learn how all other elements of their lifestyle tie-in to their overall health and wellbeing.


🍎 Nutrition Guidance:


You already know the common saying: “you can’t out-train bad nutrition.”


That’s why most health and fitness professionals already provide some sort of nutritional advice based on their own qualifications and credentials. 


Although, many don’t offer any nutritional guidance whatsoever. 


But, the leaders and innovators of today’s new business model are teaching and educating their clients on much more than nutrition.


💤 Sleep & Recovery:


Millions of people run around each day, exhausted…. due to their 4-5 hours of sleep each night.


Yet, almost every competitive athlete could give a 20-minute talk on the absolute necessity of sleep and recovery. 


Not only for athletic performance, but adequate sleep and recovery play vital roles in muscle growth, fat loss, mental acuity and overall well-being.


The leaders and innovators of the new business model will offer guidance on optimizing sleep so their clients will see faster and more sustainable results in all areas of their lives.


💧 Hydration & Skincare:


Remember this?  “Drink eight (8), 8 oz. glasses of water every day.”


Well, that turned out to be nothing more than a “generality” that only made sense for some people and not others.


Sort of like the Food Guide Pyramid!


And, even then it was mostly attached to hydration as it related to muscles and cramping.


The leaders and innovators of the new business model know that hydration is of importance in several areas… not the least of which is our SKIN… the largest organ of the human body!


Hydration involves more than water.  Fruits and vegetables come into play as do electrolytes.  


And, hydration for skin goes beyond fluids as it involves moisturizers and sun screens.


It will not be lost on clients that by addressing skincare and hydration, their health professional actually cares about their overall well-being — not just their muscle tone.


😌 Stress Relief:


In today’s world stress is literally a chronic condition for millions upon millions of people.   


And, physical exercise is certainly one of the absolute best stress relievers know to mankind. 


However, the leaders and innovators of the new business model will offer additional techniques for stress relief, including meditation, deep breathing exercises and other methods that will make a significant difference in a client’s overall health journey.


And, as such, adds value to the health and fitness professional’s business.


🌱 Building Stronger Client Relationships:


Do you see where this is all going?


When professionals show they care about all facets of their clients’ lives, it strengthens the bond of trust.


Clients are likely to feel more understood and valued, allowing your business to experience premium rates, forever retention and more referrals.


💰 Diversifying Revenue Streams:


From a purely financial perspective, offering a broader range of guidance and/or consulting will lead to additional revenue in both services and products.


Today’s leaders and innovators are already discovering that clients are willing to pay for detailed nutrition plans, skincare consultations, stress-relief sessions and other added-value services like Onboard 101 –  in addition to their regular training sessions.


And for those who offer nutritional supplements, meditation aids and skin care formulations (both in-house and online via web stores) there’s even more revenue growth available for their businesses.


🚀 Staying Ahead of the Competition:


Let’s face it, the health and fitness space is insanely competitive.


Offering a wider array of services and products is how the new boutique fitness models will role out in the upcoming years ahead. 


There will be a clear difference between these “lifestyle” professionals and those who focus solely on exercise and movement.


And, it will be easier for the boutique studios and independents with niche targets than for big box facilities who cater to the masses.


By embracing the comprehensive holistic “lifestyle” approach you’ll not only provide better value to your clients  —  but, also open doors to new business opportunities and growth.



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