The Client Support Email…


I know.

It’s a pretty bold statement…



But, it’s true… based on the feedback I’ve received from my coaching clients who’ve used it – either as an email or snail mail.

And, I’m sharing it with you right now!


Why This Letter is So Important…

When your client decides to improve his or her health, the support of family and friends can be a critical factor in their success.

However, sometimes those closest to them may inadvertently or deliberately sabotage their efforts.

Here are some ways this can happen:

👉 Undermining Commitment: Comments that undermine the importance of the health goals can be a significant form of sabotage. “Oh, she’s on some kind of health kick…”

If family members trivialize your client’s efforts or the necessity of a health regimen, it can create self-doubt and reduce their commitment.

👉 Unhealthy Temptations: Introducing or keeping unhealthy food options in the home can be a major obstacle. If your client is trying to eat healthily, but family members buy or prepare unhealthy foods, it increases temptation and makes it more difficult for your client to stick to their goals.

👉 Peer Pressure: Friends can exert pressure, sometimes subtly, for the person to engage in unhealthy behaviors, such as excessive drinking or overeating during social events. “Come on… just have one drink…”

This peer pressure can come in the form of teasing, cajoling, or even feigned offense at your client not participating in the “fun.”

👉 Lack of Participation: A journey towards health often requires a change in lifestyle. If family members are not willing to participate in physical activities or make dietary adjustments, your client may feel isolated and unsupported.

👉 Dismissal of Efforts: Friends and family might dismiss or overlook the progress made, which can be disheartening. Positive reinforcement is important; without it, your client may feel their efforts are not worth the hard work.

👉 Emotional Guilt-Tripping: Family members may express feelings of neglect or abandonment if your client’s new health routines change the amount of time they spend together, making him or her feel guilty for prioritizing their health.

Reaching out to your clients’ friends and family will go a long way to helping them understand these dynamics. It can help them create a more supportive social environment and present a more positive relationship with your client that supports his or her health goals.

With just a little encouragement, like this email template, family and friends can become your client’s steadfast pillars of support — rather than barriers to success.




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