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I want to share with you something that a lot of marketing pros don’t talk about.


You’ve probably read or heard about the “client journey.”


And, that’s all fine and good assuming you have clients!


But…What About the “Prospect Journey?”


Lately, a ton of new consumer data has revealed a transformational shift in how people make purchasing decisions.


The increased acceptance of online purchases has changed the way we all shop.


This shift in behavior is significant.


And, it’s not just limited to big-ticket items like computers, automobiles and luxury items.


It extends to everyday choices such as dining out or picking a movie for the weekend.


The latest Black Friday “online purchase” numbers ($9.8 billion) prove this beyond a shadow of doubt.


One research study published by Gartner Research actually mentions our industry:


“…one of the most striking examples of this shift can be seen in the health and fitness industry.”


The New-Age Purchasing Sequence


Let’s break down this new-age sales sequence as it relates to purchasing memberships and programs with health clubs, fitness studios, personal trainers or wellness coaches.


The actual prospect or sales journey typically unfolds in these steps:



👉 #1 REFERRAL: The journey begins with a referral to a specific health club, fitness studio, trainer or coach.


This initial step remains rooted in traditional word-of-mouth marketing as well as paid advertising, but quickly transitions to the digital realm.


👉 #2 WEBSITE VISIT: This is where the first impression is made. A prospect’s visit to your website is a crucial moment.


The site must not only be aesthetically pleasing but also functional, informative and instantly demonstrate the professionalism and credibility of your business.


A bad website experience will abruptly end a potential client’s journey.


👉 #3 ONLINE REVIEWS: If a prospect finds your website appealing, they typically proceed to vet your business through online reviews on platforms like Yelp, Google and other review sites.


These reviews serve as authentic social proof and have more impact than your own testimonials and before & after photos in the decision-making process. Too many bad reviews will instantly end the sales sequence.


👉 #4 CONTACT: Satisfied with both your online presence and the reviews, the prospect then initiates contact, be it through a personal visit, email, text, or phone call.


Why Step #2 is the Most Important


Allow me to unpack the pivotal role of Step #2: Your Website.


I know that most health professionals understand their websites are a necessary part of their businesses.


However, it’s not clear that most realize HOW IMPORTANT their websites really are on influencing the “prospect journey.”


In this digital era, a website is way more than just a digital storefront; it’s a total display and demonstration of you and your staff as well as the overall credibility and professionalism of your entire business.


A poorly designed website that doesn’t instantly engage your prospect is deal-breaker.


It’s akin to walking past a restaurant with a shabby entrance, emitting a foul smell – they just keep walking.


The sad thing is most businesses never realize how many visitors browse and exit their website without a trace!


On the flip side, a well-crafted website invites you in (think Apple Store or Starbucks), engages you with actionable content and resonates in such a way that you think: “…these people ‘get me.”


Take a Look… Time to Level Up..?


Yes, of course, this a blatant attempt to have you hire us to build you a ​new website​. (I’d be stupid not to mention it, right?)


But, we do way more than websites, so regardless of my intentions, here are five tips to help level-up your website toward a better “prospect journey” resulting in more sales conversions.

5 Tips for a Better Website Experience


✅  WEBSITE HEADER: Imagine your website’s header not just seen, but felt …. with a vibrant, in-motion graphic or video that breathes life into your website – thus representing the active motion of your business.✅


Here’s a good example.​


It’s the digital equivalent of a friendly wave, inviting visitors into your world of health and fitness which, of course, involves movement and motion! It’s a striking first impression.


✅  ABOUT PAGE: Your About Page isn’t just a page; it’s your story. According to research the most visited spot on any website is the About Page. Don’t be afraid to spill your guts out.


People want to connect with “real” people who are authentic and have just as many “life” issues as they do.


Listen, this is your chance to speak directly to your audience. Share your fitness and personal journey in your own words, connecting with your visitors on a personal level.


The most successful coaches and trainers in the world are those who build relationships through trust and relatability.


Here are a few examples:

Click or Tap Here…​

​Click or Tap Here…​

​Click or Tap Here…​


✅  DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT VIA OPTIN FORMS: One way to deploy downloadable content is use it as a “Lead Magnet.” The goal of a lead magnet is to capture email addresses as a way to build your email list.


Here’s a ​good example.​


Once again, this allows the prospect to interact with your website (and your business) and be rewarded for it.


Downloadable content served as a lead magnet and accessed through an optin form is a must-have for those aiming to create an interactive, engaging digital presence and successful “prospect journey.”


✅  INFORMATION HANDOUTS: Here again, whether accessed and downloaded for free, or requiring a completed optin form, offering educational handouts will project your authority and expertise while at the same time educating and inspiring your prospects.


Providing informational handouts on topics such as the importance of sleep or the metrics of target heart rates, your website can be a valuable resource of health wisdom.


Here’s a ​good example:​


✅    UP-TO-DATE BLOG POSTS: How often have you visited a site’s blog only to see that the latest post is over 6 months — or even a year old? This sends a negative message to the visitor that the business is simply not keeping up. It begs the question… what else is the business not keeping up with..?


All websites have an option to either publish the date or not publish the date. I highly recommend to most of my clients to DISABLE the publication dates of their blog posts.


In our industry, we’re lucky that most health and fitness blog post topics rarely get old since basic physiology is literally timeless.


Here’s a ​good example:​ (no dates anywhere)


I hope you find this helpful.


Remember, the “prospect journey” begins with just one click!


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