Five (5) Digital Truths

Did you know there are thousands of health and fitness professionals who, unknowingly, make the same mistakes with their digital marketing?

Most often, it’s because their websites sites were designed by “non-fitness” developers who don’t really understand our business.

Or, it’s because the fitness business owner was talked into a digital “lead generating system” – (that actually didn’t generate any quality leads) or a “sales funnel” that only funneled money into the funnel building company!

Listen, there are dozens of digital marketing models. Many of them make no sense for a fitness business!

In fact, some of these well-intentioned digital models may hurt you more than help you!

Five (5) Easy Secrets…

So… I’m going to share with you FIVE (5) EASY SECRETS you can implement right now to make your Digital Presence more “legit” more “engaging” and maybe even more “profitable!”

1.) Exit Links:


We do NOT embed any “exit links” to social media (or anywhere else) on any of our websites.

Once a person lands on your website you want him or her to STAY THERE — and:

✅ Learn about you and your business

✅ Discover what you offer

✅ Find out how to get started

It’s a guarantee that if your website visitor clicks on a social media icon they’ll become distracted and most likely NOT return to your site.

I’ve witnessed fit pros who spend over $3k/mth on paid Facebook ads to drive traffic to their websites — only to lose them via exit links.

Unless you’re linking to a “private group” – the whole “Come visit us on Facebook” is total BS! Great for for Facebook. Horrible for you.

Get rid of all exit links!

2.) Over-Automation:


Yes, I know the entire pitch about automated, lead generating systems. It seems like the perfect sales system!

There’s nothing more sexy than a tech-stack full of chat bots, email triggers and SMS follow-up text messages, all out there making connections and generating leads.

But, are they..?

We’ve installed a few at the request of our partners. And, after about 6 months we uninstalled them because:

1.) The leads were totally unqualified and a waste of time.

2.) The chat bots were too general and more annoying than useful.

3.) The non-stop “BUY NOW” text messages and emails actually drove people away.

Here’s the TRUTH: Your existing clients and prospects are your most valuable assets.

This is where your time is well spent to pick up the phone, write a personal email or take whatever action is necessary to demonstrate you value their business.

Automation has its place. Use it for member dues and payments, scheduling, appointment reminders, bookkeeping, motivational quotes, etc.

But, don’t relegate your most important assets to automation.

Just to put a “wrap” on it, people on the receiving end of automated messages are sick of bots, robo calls and non-sensical “buy now” emails (especially as we enter the presidential campaign season).

They want a CONNECTION with a real person.

3.)  Email vs. Social Media:

There is “no contest” as to which tactic is more EFFECTIVE.

If you enjoy social media and participate “organically” just to stay social, keep your brand top-of-mind or even just to show off your clients, your facility or even your awesome self… then, go for it.

But, don’t expect a lot of conversions. We’ve tracked this for years and found that the ROI even for paid ads is not wonderful.

When you compare Email Marketing to Social Media Marketing for effectiveness and generating new sales – it’s like apples vs. oranges!

Email will always outperform social media.

​According to HubSpot, email marketing is “….40 times more effective than Facebook, IG, LinkedIn and Twitter when it comes to customer acquisition.”

So, if you want to do both, great. Just be sure to manage your expectations.

But, if you can only choose one tactic based on your time and budget – stick with EMAIL MARKETING. Period!

4.) Website = Digital Platform:

Another truth: The days of operating a simple website are long gone.

This is more of a “mindset” kind of thing — but it’s helpful in order to understand the complexity of your digital presence.

Most people think of a website as a “single” thing. But, today, that’s an “old school” perception.

Today’s websites are multi-functional “digital platforms” built upon layers of different technologies (tech stacks) that perform unique tasks.

Everything from optin forms and email service providers to shopping carts, payment gateways and video hosting…

The tech stacks are complex functions that ultimately serve to automate many of your business functions.

This complexity is what gave birth to the huge “all-in-one” platforms like Wix, Kajabi and Shopify.

However, even with them, there’s still a steep learning curve in learning what the functions actually do… and then, sometimes you need a function they don’t offer. 🥵

Plus, you’re still required to create and upload 100% of the content. They are empty shells.

Apologies for the blatant plug of our business, but his is why we’ve stuck with WordPress, our pre-produced branded content and complete management of the digital platform for our partners.

Your time is better spent working with your most valuable assets: 👉 CLIENTS.

5.) The Future is Online Services:


This is another huge truth:

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a big box club, a boutique studio or home-based trainer working out of your garage…. at some point you will absolutely, positively need to offer online services such as online video workouts (evergreen) and/or live stream workouts – just to stay competitive!

Maybe not today or tomorrow, but “online workouts” as a value-added service, as well as other online services, are rapidly becoming the “new normal” for all health and fitness businesses.

Some pros are already investing in the equipment required (new smartphones, cameras, microphones, lightingediting software, etc.) to produce their own videos — while others have decided to outsource the entire process to companies like “White Label Workouts.”

The good news is that while it may be an added upfront expense, over time your online services will increase your revenue (paid subscriptions, memberships, one-off sessions, online consultations, etc.) and definitely increase your reach into the global market of prospective clients.

Stay Focused:

There are literally hundreds of different marketing and sales strategies, programs and systems. Attempting to try them all can potentially spin your business out-of-control.

I advise our fitness partners to stay focused on these five (5) “digital truths” to help drive their businesses forward in a straight line! I hope you find this helpful.



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