Avoid These 3 Fitness Business Traps….


I was recently reminded of Jenny Swanson – a small studio owner in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


She told me that sometimes she feels like she’s wading through quicksand in her business.


And, the harder she tries, the more stuck she becomes!


“This sucks, Art! What am I doing wrong?”


I always answer that question with a question of my own:


“What do YOU think is preventing you and your business from moving forward?”


Of course, as you might imagine, I hear a list of “probable causes” such as clients, staff, bookkeeping, family and social obligations, etc.


The Real Cause That Kills Forward Momentum


But here’s the thing…


Most of the time, it’s a single person who gets in our way.


And, that person is… well, us!


Yes, it’s true. We literally hinder our own progress.


I know that’s tough to hear – and most of us would deny it.


But, on the other hand, it’s a game-changer once you realize it’s true.


How to Avoid the Quicksand – 3 Steps


Here are the three most common traps that business owners fall into.


And, hopefully, once you learn what they are, you’ll avoid them.


The first one is the most common and it sucks the life blood out small business owners.


I’ve been there… It’s a horrible feeling!


The Wanderer…


Maybe you can relate to what I experienced in my own business.


Do you ever feel like you’re just wandering around with no clear direction?


Like the “big picture” has somehow faded into the background only to be replaced by the daily grind.


That’s because without a solid plan or goals – written down – and reviewed (each week, maybe daily) you just start to lose sight of what they were in the first place!


Plus, that daily grind creates an “illusion” of moving forward — when, in fact, it’s more like running on a treadmill — feels like you’re going places but you’re actually just staying in the same spot.


It’s exhausting… right?


That’s what it’s like when you don’t have clear goals – and/or don’t review and refresh them in your mind like a “mantra.”


The Perfectionist…


I could be the “poster child” for this one.


It’s a HUGE mistake!


Aiming for perfection sounds noble.


And since so many of us are ex-athletes, we strive for perfection in technique and performance.


But, in the business world it can be self-sabotage!


It leads to endless tweaking, procrastination and missing out on opportunities.


I’ve learned that it’s better to go for “good enough” and get your work out there (website, social media, public speaking, programming, online services, etc.).


You’ll learn so much more from real feedback than from trying to make everything flawless.


Try these 3 words to move yourself forward: “progress over perfection.”


The “Scaredy-Cat…”


OMG…. the FEAR OF FAILURE humbles so many of us.


It’s debilitating and sometimes just flat out paralyzes even the best “strategists.”


Even in the most mild cases, fear of failure is a huge hurdle for many of us.


Fear of failure keeps us playing “small ball.”


Fear of failure is responsible for when we avoid risks that could actually lead to growth.


I’ve been there.


When I first started my business, I was so afraid of making mistakes that I prevented myself from taking the bold steps required to grow.


Can you relate to this?


Listen, I took it to a whole new level when I allowed my “fear of failure” to hook-up with the “imposture syndrome!”


Thankfully, a business mentor helped me move past it by reframing my situation — and changing my mindset.


He said, “Art, you’re being selfish. You are in the business of helping fitness trainers grow their businesses with products and services. By holding back, you are putting your own fears above the potential to help others.”




O.K. — it took a little while for me to fully absorb this mental turn-around… but, eventually it took hold.


Here’s the absolute truth…


When you break free from the fear of failure and learn to embrace uncertainty and understand that taking risks is part of the journey you will be well on your way toward success… no matter what your goals are.


Each step forward into the abyss is an opportunity to learn and grow.


So, the million dollar secret is to NOT be your own roadblock.


Whether it’s hiring staff, opening a second location, building a new website, offering online services — whatever your goals are — YOU’VE GOT THIS!


Embrace your challenges, learn from them and keep pushing forward.


Here’s to making strides in your business and helping even more clients with their own health and fitness journeys…!! 🚀


– – – – – – – – – – – –

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We’re all in this together!


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