These 2 Things for Fitness Marketing



… if you’re serious about “marketing” your health and fitness business….


… then, you absolutely, positively should be thinking about these 2 THINGS. 🚀

Or better yet, take action to execute them!

Your Digital Platform:

Yes, I know I continue to harp on the necessity of a “kick-ass” website.

And, yes, I know it just sounds like I just want you to buy something from me.

But, honestly, whether from us, a freelancer or you do-it-yourself…. ALL marketing experts across ALL service-based industries are recommending to their clients this exact same advice:


“It doesn’t matter how qualified you are… YOU will be JUDGED by the FIRST IMPRESSION.”

Today, that “first impression” is your WEBSITE. Period!

✅ Modern design with movement and professional graphic design

✅ Engaging, actionable content

✅ Contact/lead capture opt-in forms

✅ eCommerce – products, subscriptions, workouts

I could go on for hours about websites…. but I’ll just leave it here for now!

Absolute Email:

I can not stress enough the importance and absolute necessity of email marketing.

Not the “on-again, off-again” sporadic emails whenever you happen to feel motivated.

I’m talking about comprehensive and consistent email campaigns (that can be automated).

It breaks my heart to see so much time, effort and money wasted on social media and other useless tactics when it could all be put to better use toward email — with less effort and so much more effectiveness!

👉 Set It & Forget It..!

One of our fitness partners who runs a Women Only facility first downloaded THIS EMAIL TEMPLATE for FREE.

It was so effective that she purchased our EMAIL NURTURE SEQUENCE 10-Pack and set it up to automatically send one email per week (for 10 weeks) to each new prospect/lead/referral — and anyone who clicked on her Opt-in Form – similar to this —> LEAD MAGNET.

Sure, it’s a bit of upfront work… and you might need a little bit of tech help to set it up — but once it’s done, it’s DONE – forever! And it will continue on “auto-pilot” without any additional labor on your part.

👉 Communicate & Motivate

Here’s something to consider…

You’ve probably heard the saying, “out of sight, out of mind.”

That old adage is especially true in today’s media frenzy world.

It’s important to understand that it’s NOT always about selling, selling, selling…. like so many consultants tell you.

It’s way more important to reach out and communicate in order to stay top of mind without offending your prospects with non-stop sales pitches.

Here’s the truth…

Today’s most successful service-based businesses understand it’s all about building and maintaining RELATIONSHIPS.


If you want to know more about to do this via email, CLICK or TAP HERE…

I hope you find the information helpful.

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🚀  ​  P.S. More marketing tips on the BLOG….

We’re all in this together!

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