Stop Killing Yourself!


How much time are you spending on things OTHER than running your business?

The “entrepreneur’s curse” is thinking you can do everything yourself.

Or, it won’t be done right unless YOU do it.

Here’s the truth… whether you’re a business owner or staff, if you want to succeed at anything, you absolutely must learn how toMANAGE YOUR TIME in the most efficient manner possible.

One way to do is to start tracking your time… like every single little thing – and how much TIME you spend on it.

Everything from “BIG PICTURE” stuff like organizing staff, scheduling sessions, equipment maintenance, financials and marketing….

To the little things like, how much time you spend on social media (your own account and then scrolling around… you know you do it!), responding to emails, your own workout time, lunch, etc… you get the drift.

If you track it, you’ll start to see a lot of “non-essential” activities that you could either delegate to someone else or outsource to an agency or virtual assistant.

I continually see health and fitness business owners spending way too much TIME on social media, messing around with their websites, attempting new fancy marketing systems (guaranteed to get 100 new clients!), — and all kinds of things that don’t really move their businesses forward.


I know you’ve heard all of this before.

But it bears repeating. Identify those things that really move your business forward and FOCUS YOUR TIME on just those 2 or 3 things.

✅ Maybe it’s public speaking.

✅ Maybe it’s an effective referral program among existing clients

✅ Maybe it’s networking with various business and community organizations.

✅ Maybe it really is your Facebook Group with a ton of client engagement and referrals.

✅ Maybe it really is your website with a ton of traffic, browser engagement, completed optin forms, etc.

✅ Maybe it really is your informative email campaigns that prospects and clients look forward to receiving…

As service-based businesses, we all need to continually feed the pipeline with new clients, while at the same, service our existing clients.

That’s HOW you grow.

As a mentor once told me, “Business takes no prisoners!”

So, here’s to identifying your tasks and moving forward!


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We’re all in this together!

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