Are These Idiots Stealing From You…?

How about CFP as Certified Fitness Professional?


I am so sick and tired of unqualified, uncertified, unscrupulous and underhanded phony fitness wannabes.


They set up “funnel based” websites and then prey upon unsuspecting consumers who don’t know the difference between a certified, qualified health professional and some “poser” with an InstaGram following!


It’s getting worse and worse.


And, then, not only do they charge for their phony services — but, they put de-conditioned consumers on advanced programs that literally have them training TOWARD INJURY!


Maybe you’re fully aware of all this stuff. Or, maybe you’re so busy that you don’t see it.


But, I can assure you it’s going on all over the place… and especially the online space.


I wish our industry would put together a commercial just like this one for Certified Financial Planners.


Why is This So Important..?


Well, to begin with, these fake fit pros could potentially injure people. Imagine a fake car mechanic working on your brakes?


Or, like the CFP commercial – a fake doctor!


Next, they damage our reputation. It’s bad enough that Hollywood often portrays fit pros as self-absorbed “boneheads.”


Finally, by pitching your local prospects, they are literally taking money right out of your pocket — and you might not even know it.


What To Do? Be an Absolute Pro!


✅ One way to combat the phony fit pros is to be a total professional. I mean over-the-top professional.


✅ Sure, you need to be branded (like everywhere!), but that’s just the starting point of professionalism.


✅ On your website and elsewhere, explain what your certifications actually mean.


✅ Upload this ​”straw man” document​ on your website with your answers already in place.


✅ Dedicate an email explaining what your certifications, CEUs, etc. mean and HOW they benefit your clients/prospects.


✅ Get out and public speak or get involved in your community (non-profits, chambers, social/biz organizations). Fake fit pros almost never put themselves out there for public scrutiny.


✅ I could spend an hour on how to make your facility look professional but the overriding goal is to be “clean” and organized.



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We’re all in this together!


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