Recommendations for Your Fitness Business

I am often asked for recommendations and referrals.

After being in this business for 25 years I’ve become acquainted with some of the very best coaches, designers, webmasters and manufacturers.  They are knowledgeable, experienced individuals and companies who truly strive to help fitness business owners succeed.

For now, I’m only listing my top referrals.  These are the ones I know personally.  Or, I know enough about what they do and how they do it, that in my opinion, are the best at it.  I should mention honesty and integrity are part of the mix, too!

Listen, if you don’t see your favorite company or person, it does NOT mean I don’t recommend them.  It just means I am unfamiliar with their company and simply don’t have enough information to make a recommendation.  I hope you find these resources helpful.

Logos & Design

For more than 10 years I’ve recommended to fitness professionals, trainers and even corporations looking for a new logo to incorporate into their wellness plans.  Same with hospitals and doctors groups.  

I’ve received hundreds of emails thanking me for this recommendation and resource.  They just “get it.”  And, they are very inexpensive.  (I remember when it used to cost thousands of dollars for a logo.)

These guys get it done for a little as $27.

If you need a new logo or want to rejuvenate your existing logo… this is the place to go.


Success Coaching & Business Mentorship

You and I both know there are literally hundreds of sales experts, marketing gurus and success coaches who all claim to know how to make you successful.   For personal trainers, small clubs and studios I only recommend two.  Results University and NPE (Net Profit Explosion).

While both companies help coach fitness businesses toward success, their approaches are different.  I won’t attempt to explain the differences here.  Your best bet is to visit their websites and determine which one will best be suited to your requirements.  What I can tell you is that some of our most successful trainers, clubs, studios, spas and other health professionals are a direct result of attending classes, seminars and workshops from both of these coaching organizations.


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