Affiliate Thank You

Thank You..!

You are an automatically approved affiliate.  Below are some simple instructions on how to access your Affiliate Account and get some pre-designed banners.

Please note:  This is a private affiliate program that is business-to-business.  Please do not post any banners on “consumer” websites.  As you know Private Label Fitness is wholesale to the fitness trade only.  That’s why it’s private.  We invited you because you work with other fitness professionals who are building their businesses.

Thanks again.

1.)  Simply log into to your account.  Now, at the bottom of your account page, you’ll see an exclusive: Visit My Affiliate Page.   Please click on the link.

2.)  You will land on your Affiliate Account Summary and be able to access your banners all pre-coded with your link.  If you know how to use the affiliate code, you can use it for emails, text links and even create your own banners.

 3.)  We also offer an assortment of pre-designed banners in different sizes located here:


You can always call me directly at 800-340-7011

Good luck and thank you so much for your participation!

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