Quiz 6 / Answers

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Aerobic Activity


1.)     Spot reducing works only if:

  • You use the “Thigh-Master” and a Workout Video
  • You workout the same “spot” everyday
  • Applied toward thighs or abdominal areas
  • None of the above – Spot reducing is a myth

2.)     The body’s ability to breakdown sugar in the presence of oxygen is known as:

  • Ketosis
  • Lactic Acid
  • Aerobic Glycolysis
  • Anaerobic Glycolysis

3.)     During aerobic glycolysis, oxygen inhibits

  • The accumulation of sweat
  • The accumulation of fat
  • The accumulation of lactic acid

4.)     In general, during aerobic glycolysis (continuous activity) the muscles and liver will supply glycogen:

  • From 3 to 20 minutes
  • From 4 to 6 hours
  • From 6 to 12 hours

5.)     Fat stores can fuel hours of exercise without running out and is, therefore, theoretically an unlimited source of energy:

  • True
  • False

6.)      After exercise has ceased:

  • Fat burning will immediately stop
  • Fat burning may continue at an accelerated rate for some time (up to 4-6 hours)
  • Fat will be converted into lean muscle mass

7.)      Fat can only be broken down in the presence of oxygen:

  • False
  • True

8.)     In general, the preferred methodology for people interested in fat-loss is:

  • Frequent sessions of long duration and consistent exercise
  • Six 100-yard sprints each day
  • Spot-reducing in specific areas of fat accumulation

9.)     For most people, the most efficient fat-burning takes place when they are:

  • In the sauna
  • In Their Target Heart Rate Zone
  • Eating thermogenic foods
  • Spot reducing

10.)    To maximize efficient fat-burning metabolism, your activities should involve:

  • Only abdominal exercises
  • Only upper body movements
  • Only lower body exercises
  • As many muscle groups as possible