Would you like to schedule a FREE 15-Minute Discovery Call?  We can discuss your:

  • marketing, branding, ads
  • website design
  • online strategy
  • live events
  • supplementation 

...or anything you think may be of help to you.


I provide coaching and consultation in 3 specific areas within the health and fitness industry:

  • Branding & Marketing (ie; long-term strategic planning - not membership sales)
  • Weight-Management Programming & Marketing (in a fitness environment)
  • Online Health and Fitness Business Applications

Consultations are by appointment only.


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If you are interested in consultation, please complete the form below so I can review your situation before we speak.  The more information you can provide the more productive our session(s) will be.  Even for single sessions, I will spend all the time necessary to familiarize myself with your business BEFORE we speak.