Daily Journal Achievement Chart

Daily Journal Achievement Chart



 The Daily Journal Achievement Chart

If you run fitness contests or other promotions that require accountability… then, you may find this free download to be a helpful tool… especially if you are using the Daily Journal.  Or, maybe you’re operating a group program and need a way to display some “accountability” among the group.  Well, once again, this could just the right download for you.  Even Bootcamps!

It’s a pretty simple thing.  Members or clients just check off whether or not they kept up their log for the day and then indicate a number for how they are feeling (1-10 ) “tired” to “energized.”  The square boxes are for the day of the month.

Just print them out.  Write your client’s name (or have them do it) and post on a wall.  It’s that simple.You might even consider a small prize or some other form of validation for clients and members who fill it full of check marks and circles…!

They are not for everyone, but if you think it will keep your clients, members or patients on track… then feel free to take it!!!

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