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Most Email Template Packages are Too Generic.
This Bundle is Specifically Written for Health and Fitness Professionals


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If you're like most Fit Pros, Health Coaches, Club and Studio Owners, there's a good chance you're not especially fond of writing email copy. 


For many, copywriting boils down to this: "It's just not my thing." 


After all, your main focus has been physical sciences and fitness... not copywriting!


Yet, today's marketing requires solid emails, website pages and other marketing materials that demonstrate your knowledge, credibility and passion toward health, fitness and positive lifestyle. 

The 3 Options for Fit Pros and Health Coaches

  • Do It Yourself

    Yes... you could become a DIYer and attempt to write all of your own emails.  But, most often, the final read isn't what you really want to convey.

  • Hire a Freelancer

    Your could hire a freelance copywriter.  But, they don't really understand our business nor the "passion" you have toward what you do. 

  • Take Advantage of Our Experience

    With over 35 years experience working with health and fitness entrepreneurs... we "get" you!  And, we know how to communicate with your prospects and clients.


Done-For-You, "NURTURE" Email 10-PACK

I'm so happy to introduce our done-for-you EMAIL 10-PACK.  These are (10) professionally written emails specifically geared to NUTURE prospective health and fitness clients toward conversion.  And, as an INTRODUCTORY OFFER, you can get the complete done-for-you EMAIL 10-PACK of pre-written emails... for  just $99

  • Each email is formatted and saved in MS Word so you can edit and personalize to your own "voice" and to your own audience. 

  • Each template includes highlighted areas to insert your own "merge-field" or personalization with your own information.

  • Each email can easily be "repurposed" into a blog post.  Just remove the merge fields and contact information and you have an instant blog post!

FREE Template Download

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Instant Solid Content!

The first one is "on-the-house!"

Grab the FREE DOWNLOAD!  Get a "taste" of our conversational writing style.


These ten professionally crafted emails can be used as a nurturing sequence to build relationships with prospective clients -- or, simply use randomly at your discretion. 


Other emails in the series answer questions that most people have about fitness - and where to begin.  Still, others debunk popular misinformation and myths about various fads and ridiculous protocol. 


If you paid a professional copywriter for these 10 emails you'd pay over $1,500.  But, they're all yours to keep, tweak and use forever -- just $99.  If you hate writing... it's a total no-brainer!

Just $99

NOTE: Upon purchase, your download link will be on your PAID RECEIPT sent via email. 

"Art, you and your creative crew are the #1 resource for my fitness business... period!" - Calvin Lester

10 Pre-Written Emails


Each email is designed to showcase your knowledge, experience and credibility as a professional. They are "nurturing" emails that will actually help you to build relationships with complete strangers who aren't familiar with you or your business. 


Each email is "friendly" and written in a "conversational" style.  


At the end of each email, the reader is prompted to schedule a call via a link (can be modified) to discuss getting started with you.

  • Do I Know You?

    Addresses the changing body as we age. Wonderful story of one person's journey from over fat to amazingly fit.  Free Download

  • How to Overcome Everything

    How to overcome everything, channel stress and lose body-fat forever!

  • How 5 Seconds Can Change Your Life

    A fantastic demonstration of how to TAKE ACTION in order to achieve goals.

  • What's in a Number?

    How to overcome those days when nothing goes right!

  • How to Lose Body Fat... Forever

    An honest discussion of the 5 BIG FAILS and why most people make these mistakes over and over. 

  • How to Boost Your Immune System

    Beyond boosting your immune system, you can take part in your own preventive health program!

  • Get the "Feel Good Effect"

    A great email detailing the "Feel Good" effect and how to experience it... constantly!

  • Throw Away Your Scale!

    A great explanation of the differences between pounds-on-the-scale and body-fat percentages. 

  • Do Just ONE Thing...

    A fun little "one thing" challenge to promote a TAKE ACTION mindset.

  • 3 Nuggets of Weight-Loss Wisdom

    This email exposes the misinformation regarding weight-loss and how to set a path toward success!  

Just $99

NOTE: Upon purchase, your download link will be on your PAID RECEIPT sent via email. 


Why You Should Take Advantage of This Opportunity NOW!

Professional copywriters charge between $100 to $150 per hour for their services.  Our top writers spent approximately 2 - 3 hours to craft each email --  resulting in approximately $200-300 per email.  But, with this introductory offer, you're getting it all just $99.   That's an incredible $9.90 per email!  

Time is Money!

Even if you're a fantastic writer and love to write... these pre-written emails will save you a TON OF TIME!   This is time you could spend with your clients.  Time you could spend with your families.  Time you could use running your business!

And, seriously, if you do the math -- at just $99 for all 10 emails vs. YOUR TIME... it's an easy calculation!

  • Do I Know You?

  • How to Overcome Everything

  • How 5 Seconds Can Change Your Life

  • What's in a Number?

  • How to Lose Body Fat... Forever

  • How to Boost Your Immune System

  • Get the "Feel Good Effect"

  • Throw Away Your Scale!

  • Do Just ONE Thing...

  • 3 Nuggets of Weight-Loss Wisdom.

Just $99

That's an incredible $9.90 per email!

NOTE: Upon purchase, your download link will be on your PAID RECEIPT sent via email. 

Most Recent...


Terry Leonard

Owner - TK Fitness
“Art, I love the 10-Pack. You and the team put so much care and quality into these emails. Couldn't be more thrilled to start using them. They are perfect for my list (mostly women). Charge my card. I'm keeping them!"

Norma Redding

VP Operations - Live Fit Studios
“You are always wonderful to work with and constantly exceed my expectations on every front. From strategies to web design to copywriting. And now this Email 10-Pack. Thank you!"

Gerald Knight

Owner - Knight's Gym
“The thing about you and the crew is that you guys always get the job done perfectly. And, this email package is no exception. Can't wait to see what you guys will come up with next!”

"I've purchased emails in past. But, they always sounded like some guy from Yugoslavia wrote them. These are the best ever! Thank you for being so creative and sharing."

- Jenny McGrath -

"I spend more than this just detailing my car!  Worth every penny!"

- Frank Seely -

"These are fantastic.  I have them set-up in my email automation for the next 10 weeks so I don't even have to think about email for a couple of months!"

- Nancy Greenbaum -

"Art... Please write 10 more! These sound exactly like me and how I talk.  I love them!" 

- Sandy Briggs -

"... these are the most compelling and heartwarming emails I've ever read. I've already sent the first two and my clients just love the connection."

- Ruth Tumulliwitz -

"... absolutely perfect for my studio.."

- Dan Chavenoux -

"Better than I expected. Thank you!"

- Kevin Grady -

Just $99

That's an incredible $9.90 per email!

NOTE: Upon purchase, your download link will be on your PAID RECEIPT sent via email.