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Welcome.. and thank you for visiting.  You were directed to this page so we can explain our relationship with Gold’s Gym and how it recently changed.

Q & A

***  Wait a minute.. Where’s the Gold’s Gym logo on the cover?

For more than 20 years we printed your Gold’s Gym logo on the covers of our Daily Journal — for the exclusive purpose of re-sale to members within a Gold’s Gym.

But, things changed with new ownership.  In January of 2011, we received a “cease and desist” letter from GGI prohibiting us from using the logo.  After some back and forth communication with GGI attorneys, we were informed the logo could be used ONLY if we paid to become a “preferred vendor.”  We’re way too small and could never afford the fees to become a preferred vendor.  And, besides, I’d rather provide volume discounts and other advantages directly to you.

In the end, we hope that GGI will reconsider their position by hearing from owners, trainers, staff and members, who feel strongly about having their brand on the industry’s most comprehensive exercise and nutrition tracking log book.

What’s the Priority Circle?

So, while we may not be a “preferred vendor” you, on the other hand, are a “preferred customer!”  As a Gold’s Gym, you are a member of our “priority circle.”   That means you can order with no minimum requirements on any of our products… including our super-premium supplements (which are the original, and still the best “Nutritionalysis” formulations).

Priority Circle Members also go to the top of our production schedule when ordering.  And, you can combine orders with other Gold’s Gym owners in order to take advantage of bulk pricing (even if the covers are different and shipping to various locations).

How is this “exclusive” if it doesn’t have our Gold’s Gym Logo?

We professionally designed this cover to incorporate your Gold’s Gym colors as well as an exclusive icon at the top. We have reserved this cover design exclusively for Gold’s GymNo one else can use it.  In fact, just to be sure, we went so far as to copyright and trademark the design.

Can I order with blank covers?

Yes.  We often sell the Daily Journal with blank covers to customers who have their own creative ideas.  If you choose to put a Gold’s Gym logo or trademark on the cover you will probably need to consult your current GGI licensing agreement.  Blank Cover Journals are $.50 less per unit since there is no printing involved.

How much should I charge for the Daily Journal in my Pro Shop?

The typical retail range is $19.99 – $25.00 (8-Week Journal) and $24.99 – $32.00 (12-Week Journal) in most pro-shops.  If you provide the Journal as part of a training package, your clients/members recognize the value when they visit your pro shop and see the retail price.

How does the Daily Journal help my business?

The Daily Journal multi-tasks and helps your business in several different ways.  First, it is considered the best, peer-reviewed workout log in the business — and as result, helps clients reach their goals.   Next, it helps your marketing and sales staff promote your business during one-on-one, group and corporate presentations (it is an excellent “leave-behind”).  Finally, your members will show and actually demonstrate their Daily Journals to their family, friends and co-workers.  We are often told the Daily Journal is one of the best referral tools in the business!

Do you sell these Daily Journals to other retailers like sporting goods stores or Walmart?

Heck No!  For more than 20 years we have been wholesale-to-the-trade.  That means we only offer our “best-of-breed” fitness components to qualified and certified fitness professionals.  And, even then, we do not offer our Journals or other product to several so-called fitness organizations who we deem unqualified… like 30-minute express franchises or $10/month big box no frills business models.

Who are you guys and what is the quality of your products and customer service?

Here’s a link to our ABOUT page as well as testimonials.  Hopefully, you’ll find that it speaks for itself.  Please click here….

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