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Conduct Your Classes with Computer Projection

Several WMU-101 administrators… or “professors” as we like to call them… are running HUGE classes (some over 75 people)  using computer projection on a screen or wall

They simply hook-up their laptop computers to a projector and stream-in their WMU-101 website for all to see! 

Then, they can play the videos, discuss the page content and even take the quizzes as a group!   

I’ve been told that this makes for a very professional presentation for groups at corporate conference rooms, clubs, studios and even at a workplace health fair.   It can be done anywhere that you have an internet connection.  Yes…!  Your WMU-101 is very mobile!

This mobility has allowed several fitness pros to approach fire stations, police academies, business organizations, community groups, church groups and condo organizations as well as gated community recreation centers.

Anywhere there is a group interested in LEARNING about HEALTH MANAGEMENT — there is an OPPORTUNITY for YOU!

The way to do this is to create a “dummy client” and each week just login the dummy for projection of the particular session you are reviewing.  


A step-by-step guide on how to use your WMU-101 website as the Ultimate Lead Generator to boost your sales on the back-end…


Great E-mail…

Art, My sister is in medical sales. She showed the CEO of Kingston Family Medical Center our WMU-101 site. We sold to them unlimited access for all their patients to our site for $5K. I’m already getting calls for training. We’re smokin’..

Here’s another fantastic e-mail from a trainer who sold 157 WMU-101 programs in just 24 hours!  Here’s how she did it….

BootCamp Magic…!

As you know, I don’t dictate pricing.  It’s totally up to you.  After all, you know your market… and what they are willing to pay for things.

That said, I still think Lindsey Smith could get more for her Boot Camp U.  However, as she explains, the bootcamp model has become overly saturated and the price wars are simply ridiculous.  As such, she’s using her WMU-101 site as a Value-Added Proposition.  She’s selling it for just $29.99 as an up-sell to her 6-week bootcamps (6-weeks | 3x week @$149.)  They complete two chapters a week and she holds a 10-minute Q&A during her bootcamp warm-ups.  She runs it as a completely self-guided program so she has no additional labor costs.

So far, she’s sold 53 clients @$29.99 putting a clean $1,589.47 in her pocket!  I still think the low-ball price should be $49.99Just sayin’…!

The Good, Better Best Marketing Approach: 

Many WMU-101 Educators have the MAP System as well.  Therefore, I want to share with you one of the oldest marketing strategies on the planet.   “Good” “Better” or “Best.”  Almost 100% of the time, people will choose the middle option.  There are lots of theories as to why, but frankly, it doesn’t matter.  What’s important is that it works!

One of our WMU-101 Educators did exactly the same thing within his 2,000 sq. ft. studio.  He ran an in-house promotion for 21 days and finished it with a weight-management seminar. 

Here is his basic marketing using WMU-101, MAP System and Personal Training.

  • Good$69.99  WMU-101 Self-Guided Weight Management Education
  • Better$299.99  WMU-101 + MAP System (included MAP Set-up, Body fat eval, Fitness Assessment,  Two 15-minute follow-ups)
  • Best$499.99  WMU-101 + MAP System + 6-Pack Training Session (30-min sessions)

Granted, this was a well-planned promotion with lots of elements including website, email, direct mail, etc.  However, whether it’s a promotion or just standard pricing, the “Good-Better-Best” strategy is great way to generate additional revenue.  You might note the associated labor costs are minimal when compared to your other services where you’re trading dollars for hours.

He recently shared with me his first week results after the in-house promotion and seminar.  Most of his sales occurred directly after his slide show presentation.

First week sales:

  • 5 Good @$69.99  =  $349.95
  • 22 Better @$299.99 = $6,599.78
  • 1 Best @$499.99  =  $499.99
    ——-Total Sales:  $7,449.72


Complete Program Flow Chart to Calculate Your Pricing

Here’s a flow chart that describes exactly how to determine your price points. This chart actually demonstrates the BIG PICTURE from the initial EVENT planning (Finally, the Truth About Weight-Management) to the actual seminar to follow-up sales and program implementation.

PLANNING:  please refer to your 21-Day Seminar Blueprint.

PROGRAM DESIGN:  Note the bottom row.  You can look at this in two (2) ways.

  • CalcFirst, as a Consultation Only Format.  In this format, the client receives a one-hour initial consult/assessment followed by 11 fifteen-minute follow-up sessions to monitor progress, answer questions, adjust menus and provide motivation.  This program is a total of 3.75 hours.  If you charge $50 per hour for your services, then, the “break-even” for this one-on-one 12-week program is 3.75 x $50 = $187.50 (typical price is $299 – 399).
  • The second way it can be viewed is to schedule the same as above, but now add personal training sessions.  Perhaps it’s just a 3-Pack of sessions or one session per month over the 12 weeks.  Or, you can calculate a 12-Pack where the client receives one session per week for 12 weeks.  Or, for the really motivated clients, a 36-Session Package where the clients are receiving 3 sessions per week for 12 weeks.    Obviously, you can calculate this same format with small group training sessions.  You know your own pricing and volume discounts —  so just add it all up to calculate your own program price points.

*** The most successful clubs, studios and trainers all offer multiple price points in order to meet a variety of client budgets.




Final Quiz Results “Congratulations!” Page: 

All sites come with a Special Congratulatory Page for Quiz 12 Results (Passed) as this will mark the end of the “official” curriculum.  I highly encourage all WMU-101 Educators to take advantage of the FREE Certificate of Achievement .pdf file that we’ll send to you upon requests.   Thanks to David Jenkins (Motivational Fitness) and David Dansereau (Physical Therapy Coach) for suggesting the Special “Congratulatory” page for the students.  Recognition for achievement is a powerful motivator… !

Cool News..! 

  • A fitness studio using WMU-101  decided to donate 28 registrations to 28 students at a middle school (9th grade) in Western Pennsylvania as part of a nutrition class.  The studio was written up in the local newspaper as “Helping to Offset Teenage Obesity.”  Total cost to do this….  ZERO..!!!!   How much would the media attention cost…?  A lot!  I know this will generate referrals to the studio.  I’ll keep you posted.

Medical Validation: 

  • Three of the WMU-101 websites are operated by private medical groups.  And, one of them is going to conduct a clinical study with a group that has access to WMU-101 (“access group”) and another “control group” that does not have access.   This is huge!    It will be very interesting to see if the “access” group does better than the “control group.”  I will keep you informed.

Best Practices: 

  • Many WMU-101 website educators are also using the MAP System.  Therefore, we highly recommend that you use the same login information for both sites.  Best practice is to use the client’s email address for the “User Name” and his or her last name (at least 6 characters) for the “Password.”   This makes it very easy for the client to remember.

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