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The ON-DEMAND products and services model is HOT!  But, we've taken this model to the next level with BRANDED, WHITE-LABEL Products!

Our unique new On-Demand program is called "CheckBox Journal."  It's the perfect addition for a hybrid or 100% online health and fitness business.

That's right.  Your customers can now order YOUR BRANDED JOURNALS and have them shipped directly to their homes, offices or wherever!


✅  Your Branded Journal 

✅   Shipped Direct-to-Client

✅   Instant Commissions

✅   Affiliate Program

Pure Passive Income!

Just think about this:   You have NO INVENTORY.   NO CAPITALIZATION.  NO LABOR or ADMIN costs whatsoever!  YOU simply collect  INSTANT COMMISSIONS!


1. Instant Set-up

We create an exclusive web page just for you.  For FREE!


2. Communicate

You just communicate to clients, prospects, email list, social media with your exclusive link.


3. Collect Commissions

Your commissions are sent instantly via PayPal.

Here's How It Works...

This proprietary program will allow your clients to go directly to YOUR EXCLUSIVE WEB PAGE and order YOUR BRANDED JOURNAL.


✅  Payment Transactions

✅  Printing of YOUR Journal

✅  Binding & Assembly

✅  Shipping Priority


Instant commissions via PayPal:

✅  $6 (20%) for 8-week Journal

✅  $8 (23%) for 12-week Journal

Journals are shipped within 24 hours/Priority Mail (2-3 days) Direct to your client.

Check Out These Live "ON-DEMAND" Pages...

How you generate new "passive profits"

On our new platform, we create an exclusive web page with YOUR BRANDED JOURNAL -- just like the samples above:

This is different. These are YOUR journals...

Most On-Demand products are generic -- or worse, promote some other brand that really does NOTHING for your business.

But, this is:


So... you not only generate new passive profits, but you project and build YOUR BRAND at the same time.  Listen... one of the most underrated attributes of the Journals is that they become a source of referrals!

Let's get started... right now!

✅ First thing to know is that it's absolutely 100% FREE!

✅ You do NOT need to be an existing customer. We will work with new partners.

✅ You DO need to recommend journals to your clients.

✅ You DO need to add a hyperlink to YOUR EXCLUSIVE JOURNAL PAGE.

**  Unfortunately, the program is available to U.S. Fitness Partners Only.


Once we provide you with a hyperlink to your EXCLUSIVE JOURNAL PAGE, you can place it on your:


✅ Website

✅ Blog

✅ Email

✅ Social media platform

Apply Now to Get Started! It's FREE!

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    What's In the Journal...

    Each Transformation Journal includes a multitude of forms, checklists, guidelines and information that clients will refer to over and over.  However, it all STARTS with these two common daily tracking forms:  Exercise and Nutrition:

    Exercise Tracking Page

    Nutrition Tracking Page

    Assessment Forms, Guidelines, Checklists and Information


    YOUR BRANDED JOURNAL is a spiral bound,  PHYSICAL BOOK with paper pages.   We do NOT offer this Journal in any kind of digital format. 

    Further, we judiciously protect our copyrights for this publication as a way to protect you! 

    No!   There are no set-up charges whatsoever.   This program is 100% FREE and includes:

    • A professional 3D rendering of YOUR BRANDED JOURNAL.
    • Images of ALL the pages found inside YOUR BRANDED JOURNAL.
    • A professional video that describes the advantages of YOUR BRANDED JOURNAL.
    • Payment integration via PayPal to allow your clients to purchase YOUR BRANDED JOURNAL.

    Upon payment you will be notified via email with a copy of the paid invoice along with a message that your commission will be forthcoming via PayPal.   

    Then, within one-hour, you'll receive an email from PayPal with your commission(s).

    Unfortunately, international shipping on physical products like this is cost prohibitive.  Outside the U.S. order will not be processed.   

    One solution is to mail the Journal to yourself and then forward to your international clients as part of your program at your own costs. 

    YES!  In fact, that's one of the best ways to do it.  Your margins will be higher per unit when you purchase at wholesale and sell to your clients "onsite" at your facility.

    However, many health professionals prefer no upfront payments, no inventory and no labor... so the CheckBox Journal Program is more convenient -- and still generates a passive net profit.