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Hopefully, you’ve already downloaded this FREE VIDEO for your site, but if not… here it is again.

Just download this video and give your prospects 10 Solid Reasons why they should hire YOU! Post on your website… on your blog… or on your social media platform!   (note:  Video is in a .ZIP file and may not download to mobile devices).

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How many times have your seen this?

A prospect lays down over $500 or $1,000 or even $1,800 for a personal training or other fitness package… and all he or she receives is a paper contract! 

Trust me… they may not say anything, but, they’re THINKING IT!

On the flip side, think of that same person — but, this time, he or she receives your own proprietary SWAG BAG! 

Sure, it’s not really that much… but, it speaks VOLUMES about WHO YOU ARE!  

Go a step further and you’ll discover many top producers provide their high-end client with access to their WMU-101 programswith the statement… “this is way more than a training studio!” 

First Impressions Count…!

Have you ever wondered just how AWESOME your LOGO might look on your own proprietary health and fitness products?  Do you think your members and clients will be impressed?  What about new prospects?   They may not show it, but I can assure you, they are thinking, “Wow… this is a totally professional operation!”

And, that “thinking” almost automatically leads to the sales of your premium packages and bundles.

It Gets Even Better…!

Jessie Colton gave a swag bag just like this to one of her new clients who purchased a $1,200 training package.  The next day, she saw her client at the grocery store carrying the TOTE BAG with HER LOGO.

Now, just think about this…

Her client is now a walking, talking billboard.  How many times does that client go to the grocery store?

Where else does she go with Jessie’s logo?   To the mall?  To work?  To the park?  The beach?  Restaurants?  To the homes of friends and family?

How many people see Jessie’s logo in a single day?  How many impressions?

Well, here’s a chance to find out.




Top Gun Success Package

Put YOUR LOGO on 10 Daily Journals.
Then, place YOUR LOGO on 10 Reference Manuals.
After that, just wrap YOUR LOGO on 10 of the world’s highest quality Multi-Vitamin/Mineral Formulas — and your clients / members see a TOTAL PRO! That’s right…they see a TOP GUN!

Top Gun Fitness Professionals and Clubs just seem to know how to cut through all the noise, clutter and false promises of fitness phonies and scam artists.

As soon as potential new clients or members meet you as a TOP GUN, they immediately forget about your competitors who claim to be the best club or trainer. Or to have the best deal. Or willing to guarantee 20lb / 2-week weight-loss results.

The minute a potential client or member sees a branded, TOP GUN Fitness Professional – he or she immediately recognizes a Total Pro. Committed. Professional. Integrity. Skilled. Caring. And nothing says “TOP GUN” like a branded Top Gun Package!