4 Profit Models for MAP

4 Easy Profit Models

Should YOU Read This..?

  • If you already have MAP – you should read this.
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  • If you are competing against $10/mnth, no frills, no contracts, big boxes.. you should read this!
  • If you plan to raise your monthly dues... you should read this!

4 Ways to Profit

Here are 4 easy-to-implement profit models for clubs, trainers and other health professionals that will significantly boost your NET INCOME!

They take a little bit of planning, but this is NOT rocket-science. And, once you’ve completed a plan, it will work forever!

Value-Added Membership

(based on MAP System – Unlimited Version $499).

Several of our MAP System Subscriber clubs use this model. Simply put, each New Member is offered a MAP System subscription for just $1.99 per month as part of their EFT payment at the point-of-sale (POS). Some clubs actually make it a mandatory part of their regular membership!

Most clubs also conduct a promotion that offers this same subscription to Existing Members.

A free “How to Use Your MAP System” demonstration or workshop is provided via projection screen on a week night for entire groups. It takes less than 1 hour.

The biggest benefit to this offering is that it immediately sets up a consultation with a personal trainer or nutrition coach. And that typically converts into an additional up-sell package.

But, just the raw numbers, alone, are pretty impressive. With an active membership of 1,000 people, here’s the math:

MAP System investment: $699.
Cost per member: $699 / 1,000 = $.69 cents.

1,000 x $1.99 = $1,999 per month
12 x $1,999 = $23,988 per year.

That’s $23,489 NET PROFIT!!!

That’s a pretty good return on investment. Plus, it will automatically boost the up-sell opportunities.

If your goal is to increase your “MEMBER VALUE” as well as increase the frequency of “MEMBER TRANSACTIONS” (ie: pro shop, training, other member products and services) then, the MAP System is your “GATEWAY.”

BONUS: Raising Your Monthly Dues?

If you’re raising your monthly dues, the MAP System is an excellent new VALUE-ADDED product to introduce and provide to your members for FREE. It will help justify the new rates and demonstrate your commitment to improvements and new offerings. CLICK HERE…


#2 The Training Package – MAP System 10-Pack

Here’s a sweet little profit model that many trainers use (even with the 10 Pack of MAP Subscriptions).

  • Offer a 6-Pack of Training for $499. (create your own package)
  • MAP System included ($10 cost recovered at $499. Some fit pros throw in a Daily Journal, too!)
  • End-Of 6-Pack sessions, Client is allowed to continue MAP Subscription for $69.99 (limited time offer) or be deleted via the “lock-out” button of the system.

Clients almost always choose to continue with the system. Plus you can sweeten the deal by offering a few email or phone coaching sessions at “frequent flyer” rates.

Cost of MAP Subscription: $10.
Recovered in PT Package – $10.
MAP Extension Sale:  $69.00
Additional Net Profit: $69.00 per client



#3 Classroom Model

Remember, the MAP System is the only web-based application to include a COMPLETE EDUCATION CURRICULUM. The MAP System comes with 90 pages/ 12 Chapters of Basic Human Physiology along with 12 pre-written quizzes available for download(click on the links below).   It’s all built in! We even have promotional handouts available!

This “Classroom Model” can be used as a mobile system that travels to:

  • corporations
  • schools
  • police and fire departments
  • churches
  • community organizations
  • rec centers
  • spas
  • resorts
  • medical facilities
  • apartment complexes

In a nutshell, it is a classroom setting where you are the “professor” and your attendees are “students.” They attend a weekly class at their place of work, residence, conference room — or at your facility.

Here’s a basic curriculum from which you might get some ideas. CLICK HERE….

  • The typical price range depending on your market and length of sessions, ranges from $199 to $399 per person.
  • Some trainers have flat rate deals for companies that range from $2,500 to $10,000.
  • There are instances where a company will want you to start the class over and over (rotation) to accommodate a large employee base. We’ve been told of $35,000 to $50,000 yearly contracts for comprehensive health education programs tied in with other lifestyle programs like diabetes, smoking cessation, addiction, etc.   Could YOU do this..?


  • Side notes: In 1991 we took this exact same format (condensed to six weeks) to the Miami Dolphin training camp. For the players..? Nope. That was the plan, but, ended up being attended by all the players’ wives/girlfriends! They had a vested interest in keeping their husbands /boyfriends healthy!
  • We still have an NFL Mom, who continues to provide nutritional menu planning and guidance for her son and a few player friends using the MAP System. And, now that it’s web-based, road games are not a problem!
  • Several clubs have told us that they took their “Healthy Lifestyle” course outline along with the Reference Manual and Daily Journal to local colleges where they secured Continuing Education Credits (CEC’s) for participants who completed the course!



MAP System – A la Carte

This the easiest of the bunch to figure out.  Hundreds of trainers, clubs, medical professionals, coaches and other health experts simply sell the MAP SYSTEM as an a la carte, stand-alone subscription-based tool to help with nutrition and physical workouts. The standard price range is from $49.99 to $99.99 for an entire year.

This model usually includes a basic fitness assessment as well as a 15-minute “how-to” session demonstrating the system to the client.

Cost of MAP Subscription: $12.50.
MAP System  Yr. Subscription  $49.99 – $99.99
Additional Net Profit: $37.99 – $99.99 per client


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