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Your "Members Only" Platform

Generate Online Revenue with Paid Subscribers


You Create the Content... We'll Build the Platform

Right now, health and fitness professionals throughout the world are creating and recording their own proprietary workouts and exercise protocol.


And, they're attracting their own GLOBAL TRIBES of CUSTOMERS and SUBSCRIBERS.




Like many, you may be thinking: "I need to do this!"

The sports and health blogger recording video in sport concept

Half Way There...

Perhaps you already have tons of videos and exclusive content.  And, maybe you've been recording your "live stream" group sessions. 


But, unfortunately, you don't know how to monetize it via a "members only" or "subscription-based" platform. 


The recording part is easy.  After all, today, you can do it all on a smartphone! 


The GEEKY stuff...

But, it's tricky... to upload and successfully manage your exclusive, proprietary content as PAID PROGRAMMING.


If this is where you STALL... you're NOT alone.


Listen, putting content behind a secure fire wall in combination with a secure payment system requires a lot of complex tech work with many moving parts and integrations. 


This kind of planning, coding and development is not for the faint of heart. 


I know... because I've been doing this stuff for 25 years. 

  • Landing Pages

  • Optin Forms

  • Payment Gateways

  • Encryption Protocol

  • Content Embeds & Security

  • Confirmation Pages

  • Email Capture & Transfer

  • Secure Video Hosting

It's More Than Technology...


Creating a successful paid membership platform requires more than technology. 


It requires an understanding of the linear "flow."   


From prospect, to purchaser, to member -- and, then, to what level of access. 


It's complicated.

A Familiar Analogy

We've all seen the de-conditioned man or woman who joins a big box gym with no understanding of how his or her body works.  Nor anything about exercise technique or how the equipment is supposed to be used. 


Without help he or she is doomed to fail.  Or, even become injured!


The same holds true when most health professionals attempt to build their own membership sites.  


Without help, the site typically remains unfinished and the bank account drained.


We Do This Together



Building a successful membership platform is truly a partnership. 


  • Create the Content

    You create your own proprietary content including videos, articles, document downloads and whatever you want to market to your subscribers.

  • Drive Traffic to Your Site

    Next, you are responsible for "driving traffic" to your website and making an offer to your prospects. 


  • Build-out the "Membership" website

    We plan, develop and code all the technology required to facilitate a single or multi-program "membership" and/or subscription website. 

  • Operations

    We host and maintain the site for smooth uninterrupted operation as well as security and back-ups.


A Simple Single-Payment Program

This diagram demonstrates the flow of a simple SINGLE PAYMENT set-up for a SPECIFIC PROGRAM:  A 7-DAY CHALLENGE


1.)  LANDING PAGE:  You drive prospects from social media, email, etc. to your landing page where you showcase features, benefits and testimonials (of your offer) convincing your prospects to click on the BUY NOW button. 


2.PAYMENT GATEWAY:  Clicking BUY NOW, your prospect is redirected to the payment gateway (we recommend PayPal and will configure for you) and converted from prospect to subscriber.


3.SELF REGISTRATION:  Upon payment, the payment gateway automatically redirects the subscriber to a self-registration page where he or she creates an individual login in order to gain access to the protected content.


4.PROGRAM ACCESS:  With registration completed, the new subscriber is redirected to the protected PROGRAM.  From here on out, the subscriber can login to gain ACCESS to that program (and associated content). 


A Multiple Membership Platform

A multi-program set-up might include both a single payment access to a specific program  —  as well as a monthly subscription rate for full access to an ongoing updated program or library of workouts.   This membership framework might look something like this: