56 Mini-Motivator Videos...!

Currently Unavailable Until September 1, 2023


Introducing... the complete "done-for-you" package of Mini-Motivator Videos.  You'll receive 8-Weeks worth of powerful and inspiring Motivation Videos (56 videos).

All 56 Videos on display for your review, below...

All 56 Videos com BRANDED with YOUR LOGO!

How These Videos Attract New Clients, Build Referrals and Go Viral!

No hype.  No sales copy.  No gimmicks.

Let's face it.  Most people are bombarded with email, social media and other marketing vehicles full of hyped-up sales copy offering unrealistic promises of instant wealth, happiness, etc.  ---  for a PRICE.

But, what if... YOU do something different?  

What if... YOUR MESSAGE is "giving" and inspiring WITHOUT asking for anything in return?

What if...  EVERY DAY... your clients look forward to hearing from YOU?

Why Not Be AMAZING..? Here's your opportunity to share a refreshing, heart-felt and "special" set of messages with your clients, members, patients or students... -- with no obligations!

Just Imagine... what happens when clients, members, patients or students... begin to share your inspiring messages across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.   You might even go VIRAL!

Positive Impressions Create Referrals and Growth

When you ATTACH these INSPIRING MESSAGES to YOUR BRAND... you leave a LASTING POSITIVE IMPRESSION on your clients, members and patients.  It says a lot about YOUR BUSINESS.

It says a lot about YOU!  

Social Media Friendly

You already know VIDEO is the future of online marketing.  And, most especially on all social media platforms.  But, creating video can be incredibly time consuming, expensive and difficult to produce

Each done-for-you video is less than :30 seconds in length. 

This means you'll be able to upload them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, your blog, and website.

You can even send these videos through email to your clients, members, prospects, friends, co-workers... whoever YOU choose to INSPIRE and MOTIVATE.

Imagine YOUR GROUP receiving a NEW MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO from YOU each and every day...  for 8-WEEKS!  

These videos will keep your clients and members ENGAGED with your BRAND -- ENGAGED with your PROGRAMMING -- ENGAGED with YOU.



Just imagine what you'll do with this brand new "done-for-you" package of Mini-Motivator Videos. You'll receive 8-Weeks worth of powerful and inspiring Motivation Videos (56 videos).

Here are all 56 Videos for YOUR review... I want you to see EXACTLY what you're getting.

Just Click On the Image (Turn up the volume!)... and imagine how they'll look with YOUR LOGO!

Mini Motivator FAQ

No... That little on/off button is a function of Vimeo embed playback where our videos are hosted. Your videos will be absolutely "clean." When playing the samples be sure to move your cursor off the video and that little on/off square will disappear.

As stated above, for 25 years I've built my business through relationships based on trust and value. This is just another example of how I put my best foot forward with an incredible opportunity. Hopefully, if you like it, you'll continue to do business with my company.

No. This is NOT a subscription or membership or recurring payment model of any kind. It is a one-time payment. That's it. Upon payment we actually send to you the high definition .mp4 video files in 1280 x 720 for you to use however you want. Hopefully to motivate and inspire your tribe!

Yes.  We add your logo to prevent "pirating" of your videos. We also embed an invisible transaction ID pixel on all videos as a way to prevent pirating, but the best defense will always be your logo or a watermark of some sort.

Yes, absolutely. If you have the software to add your own special touch to these videos, then by all means, do it! We do send a document with the videos that provide you with permission to "edit at will."

These videos can NOT be used in any work of the following variety:

  • pornographic
  • condoning violence
  • violating the privacy or publicity rights of any third party
  • medical supply or health care ads
  • political ads
  • tobacco ads

No, absolutely not. You can not give them away, either. Reselling or distributing these videos to third parties is strictly prohibited and a copyright infringement - which we judiciously protect. Even if you modify these videos with your own edits, you may NOT redistribute, re-sell or give away these videos. They are tied to your transaction ID.

If you seek to license these videos as part of a package you intend to offer to third parties, please call me for licensing information: (714-404-1800) or email: art@privatelabelfitness.com 

Yes, you're right. These are big files. Depending on which package you purchase, you'll re-directed to a special DOWNLOAD PAGE for that specific package.

Upon purchase you will redirected to a page where your purchase will be confirmed and a form to upload your logo and website url. Once your customized videos with YOUR BRAND are completed, (7-10 days) you'll receive an email with four (4) separate DOWNLOAD LINKS. Each link will download a .ZIP file with a folder that contains 14 Videos (4 x 14 = 56).

Unfortunately, because these are downloaded files there are NO REFUNDS. That's why I've posted every single video for your review... so you know exactly WHAT you're getting before you purchase. If you have questions or some hesitation about any of the packages, please feel free to call me (714-404-1800) or email: art@privatelabelfitness.combefore you purchase.

Currently Unavailable Until September 1, 2023