Here is a 12-Chapter, interactive, online curriculum that explains basic physiology --  and the important balance between nutrition and physical activity in lay terms.  The platform comes customized with your school mascot or company logo.

100% Automated



Onboard 101 is the perfect enhancement to any health related class or wellness program.   As a teacher or program director you'll save time and energy with an interactive, fully automated, online course including:

  • Basic Physiology
  • Digestion
  • Carbohydrate
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Aerobic Activity
  • Anaerobic Activity
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Weight Training
  • Stress
  • Food


Take a "sneak peek" at how the information is presented in these six (6) videos included in Chapter One.

Ethnically Neutral  |  | Voice-Over for Vision Impaired  |  Video for Hearing Impaired  |  No Advertising  |  Peer-Reviewed Information




Comprehensive health education is an integral component of quality school programming and corporate wellness.   A solid health education platform provides students and employees with opportunities to acquire:

  • knowledge
  • attitudes
  • skills

These attributes are necessary for making

  • health-promoting decisions
  • achieving health literacy
  • adopting health-enhancing behaviors
  • promoting the health of others.


Comprehensive health education promotes healthy habits, healthy relationships and health literacy.


Goal -01:  Provide a platform to help increase the proportion of middle schools and high schools that have health education goals or objectives by addressing the knowledge articulated in the National Health Education Standards (high school, middle, and elementary).


Goal -02: Provide a platform to help companies that have deployed "wellness programming" with a "plug 'n play" system to either enhance existing programming or serve as a stand alone educational course in the in their efforts to increase productivity, decrease absenteeism and improve the overall health and lifestyle of all employees.


If you are a health educator -- corporate or academic -- and, seek an "interactive, online" platform to add to the educational experience, then, this easy-to-use Plug 'n Play System may be just the solution you seek. 


Try the "STUDENT EXPERIENCE" and see EXACTLY what your students or staff will experience!



The fastest way to educate your students or employees. 


Your own branded ONBOARD 101 website will:


  • Add tangible VALUE to your school curriculum or business environment and culture by adding or enhancing a whole new category: HEALTH EDUCATION!


  • Project your PROFESSIONALISM and INTEGRITY by offering an interactive and mobile "Educational Resource" to your curriculum or corporate culture.


  • Elevate your environment and culture as well as "position" your institution as a LEADER.


  • Penetrate all "barriers" and allow YOUR COURSE to reach students, staff and family members at home, work and everywhere via mobile devices.


  • Create a HEALTHY CULTURE through an entertaining, interactive and educational journey.



ONBOARD 101 is the most comprehensive, credible, online -- knowledge-based platform available.  And, it comes branded withYOUR SCHOOL MASCOT or CORPORATE LOGO.

Your students, patients or staff will especially appreciate that YOUR ONLINE COURSE serves as a pure and credible source with:

  • No pop-up ads 
  • No affiliate links
  • No product endorsements
  • No protocol


ONBOARD 101 is an ethnically neutral presentation filled with pure information.



How often do you wish your students, employees or patients had just a little better understanding of how their bodies actually function?


What if they could learn just the basics, like...


  • Weight-management is about body composition... not pounds-on-the-scale.


  • The importance of increasing metabolism as opposed to slowing it down via "restricted calorie dieting."


  • The difference between aerobic and anaerobic workouts.


  • How digestion works and the value of eating numerous small meals and healthy snacks throughout the day.


  • How stress affects our bodies in numerous ways.




With just one “CLICK” you'll add a complete, DONE-FOR-YOU, 12-Module Interactive Course to your existing website.  Branded with YOUR SCHOOL MASCOT or CORPORATE LOGO, it can be set-up to operate as a 100% totally automated health education course that can be deployed anywhere!


ONBOARD 101 can handle as many students or employees as you can enroll.  There are no caps or limitations. Your ONBOARD 101 website is UNLIMITED.


Saves Time 

One of the best features of ONBOARD 101 is that it is "self-guided." 


The "student" can even self-register and then proceed at his or her own pace. This allows you, as an administrator, to choose the amount of personal attention, extra information and time you wish to spend with students... if any.


The curriculum is automatically delivered to the "student" in both web page and video formats (over 35 high-definition, professionally produced videos).


Then, at the end of each chapter a simple 10-question multiple-choice quiz is automatically presented to ensure comprehension of the material. In order to advance to the next chapter, the student must achieve a score of 80% or higher.


All scoring and access permissions are conducted automatically by the system.


ONBOARD 101 is one of the most effective and efficient "time-savers" in the health education industry!  




A "Done-4-You" web-based application is so VALUABLE because it's already done.  All the content. All the technology.  All the integration.  EVERYTHING!!!

ONBOARD 101 already includes:

  • Professionally written, peer-reviewed content
  • Licensed professional images
  • High definition video with professional narrations
  • Easy-to-understand navigation
  • Everything required to ensure a smooth "hands-off" interactive website operation.


  • OPERATIONAL WITHIN MINUTES:  ONBOARD 101 is an easy to use,  PLUG 'n PLAY system that can be set-up and fully operational within minutes.


  • COMPREHENSIVE: ONBOARD 101 is the most comprehensive, self-guided health education platform available.


  • This pre-built website, branded with YOUR SCHOOL MASCOT or LOGO, covers both nutrition and exercise as inseparable components for fitness,weight-management and overall health.


  • ONBOARD 101 is a fun, interactive experience for your students as they learn the critical functions of their own bodies. 

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