After 20 years in this business, we’ve come to a realization about health education… and it is this:

While almost every credible fitness professional possesses an amazing amount of knowledge — and knows EXACTLY what it takes to change body-composition… BUT....  your clients don't. You know the journey... but, your clients have almost no knowledge as to how their bodies function.  And, as an industry, we don’t necessarily explain it in a way that clients easily comprehend.

Each website is set-up as a "subscriber-based" membership website. This allows you to market and sell a "self-guided" educational program to each client or member. You will control the price. Each site will include the following:

  • Your logo on the header
  • Home page video, Finally, the TRUTH About Weight-Management ($599 value)
  • 12 Chapters of peer-reviewed curriculum in lay terms, distributed in 4 formats:
    • Web page format
    • Video format
  • Automated content delivery
  • Automated quizzes, scoring and progression
  • Automated "gamification" with points and badges
  • Internal messaging system
  • Secure membership functionality
  • Domain registration and security
  • Hosting and nightly back-ups
  • All upgrades and coding updates (all the tech stuff).

NO, you do NOT need to install anything.  ONBOARD 101 is a "Software As a Service" (SAAS) platform.   That means it's totally "Plug 'n Play."  Everything is handled by us on our servers including upgrades, back-ups, security, hosting.... the works!

It depends. Most commercial online weight-loss programs use faulty protocol (restricted caloric intake) and false metrics ("pounds-on-the-scale") to determine progress.

These tools actually debunk both of those concepts and, instead, adhere to sound physiological protocol including proper nutrition, productive exercise and positive motivation.

All programs are based on "body composition" as the only viable metric for real change. 

Maybe. But that is not the intent. ONBOARD 101 only mentions supplements as an option that can be explored. It is not designed to sell supplements. In fact, the whole purpose is to teach people how to make better choices with their nutritional intake. That is the highest priority.

It's typically marketed as a 12-Week Educational Course -  as it coincides with the 12-week curriculum. BUT... your clients, students and members are set-up for an unlimited time with no expiration date - that can be revised if you choose.

After the 12 weeks, most clients, students and members will continue to access your ONBAORD 101 website and use it as an ongoing information resource.

All of our Done-4-You packages are designed to generate revenue -- sometimes, even while you're sleeping! But here's the real truth.

The #1 reason people join a health club or retain a trainer or health coach is for weight-management. This research has been proven over and over again. Unfortunately, we, as the health and fitness industry, do not do a very good job of explaining how the real process of "changing body composition" is accomplished.

So clients, students and members become discouraged and quit. All because of a simple lack of knowledge.

Our Done-4-You packages changes all of this. In essence, the ONBOARD 101 website is a self-guided educational platform that provides people with the actual rationale behind your programming.

This allows you more time to provide the physical training and positive motivation components. ONBOARD 101 accomplishes two major tasks for your business -

  • It educates your clients thus increasing understanding and adherence.
  • It can be used as both a profit generator and/or a lead generator.

Yes! In fact, here are the first six videos that are contained in Chapter 1. Just click on the buttons below and imagine how impressed your clients and potential client will be with your branded information!

Yes! All videos will play on all mobile devices. You can test it right now with the six videos listed in the FAQ question above!

Yes.  Yes, absolutely...!  In fact you can demo the platform as both a "CLIENT" and as an "ADMIN."  And, with the FREE TRIAL, we'll even upload your logo so you can see EXACTLY how it will integrate with YOUR BUSINESS.  

Our pricing is the best! Plus, if you were to attempt this yourself, you'd pay over $80,000 for content, production, image licensing, music licensing, professional voice-over, etc. 

Not to mention the hundreds of hours of your time putting it all together!

We obviously are building a volume of sites which provides economies-of-scale. I pass those savings on to you. Nonetheless, each individual site takes more than tech time to set-up individual databases, specified protected content, individual functionality, etc.

Equally important, your ONBOARD 101 website will be professionally and expertly maintained with nightly back-ups, code upgrades and all sorts of technical operations to ensure your websites run smoothly 24 hours a day... every day!

Termination of your branded ONBOARD 101 website is simple as just letting us know. We require 30 days notice to terminate the site as it actually takes a bit of technical work to take a site down. However, your monthly $49.99 charge will be terminated within 30 days of notice. 

IMPORTANT: The "build out" fees are non-refundable.

This is why we truly want you to try it for FREE to determine if it is going to be helpful to your business. We even encourage you to "load in" some clients in order to gain "real world" feedback from your members, clients, patients, whomever!

Pricing will be entirely up to you. Our suggested retail price per person is $97 as a stand-alone program.

However, many health professionals place a high retail value on the program. Here's Jenny's Story (she cleared $15,000 in one day!) : CLICK HERE...

There are numerous pricing models, including:

  • EFT monthly charges for 12 weeks and beyond -- as an ongoing web-based health and fitness resource.
  • Value-added membership packages
  • Value-added training packages
  • Fitness Contest Packages
  • Flat Rate - Bulk-Buy Group Programs (where participants all chip-in as a group - Corp. Wellness, Schools, Church, etc.)

Whatever you decide... I can assure you it is VALUE RECEIVED. I've researched all over the place for a curriculum like this. What I found were all kinds of college courses on human physiology that are excellent... but, are way too technical for the lay person.

I also found plenty of false and misleading formats that are simply designed to sell supplements or some bogus product. You know the type... no exercise required!

Listen, this curriculum is:

  • Unique in its simplicity and progression.
  • Unique in its presentation.
  • Unique that you can brand it under your own name.
  • Unique because it is a complete automated online course which requires almost no effort on your part.
  • And, it generates profits! We are all in this business together!


Unfortunately, we do NOT offer any type of payment plan. Due to the amount of upfront labor and resources we dedicate to each new customized package, payment plans are not practical for our packages.

Unfortunately, we learned this the hard way on a different product when some purchasers downloaded all of our materials and then were unable to complete their payment schedules. There was no way for us to reclaim what they had downloaded.