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Save Money – Stock-Up – Start Now!

What a great “stock-up” or “starter” package!  Whether you’re just starting out or need to stock up… this is a great deal!   For just $229 you have a complete, comprehensive Weight Management ProgramINSTANTLY!

Make More $ Per Hour..!

Listen to this. Most of our Next Generation Fitness Partners charge a minimum of $299 for a 12-Week program (group — even more if one-on-one).  If you are looking for a way to increase your revenue…  then these are the tools you need.

Once your clients, members or patients have these tools, your time required for administration is cut in half… maybe more depending on your organization skills.

Bonus Tri-Fold Brochure…

This is the most compact and comprehensive package available in the entire industry.  Everything you need including this promotional tri-fold brochure that we’ll create for you with YOUR LOGO!

To download right now so you can read the copy, CLICK HERE….

Here’s what else you get:

  • 90 Pages of Handouts
  • 12 Quizzes
  • Custom Meal Planning (Proprietary Food XChange System)
  • Custom Workout Planning (Proprietary Activity XChange System)
  • Custom Video Embeds (You can load your own !)
  • Accountability Journal

If you already are a MAP System Administrator, please take advantage of this offer.  It’s NOT tied directly to this deal.  It’s yours for being a partner of the most advanced menu & activity planner in the industry.  And, I very much appreciate the opportunity to enhance your business!



12 Mini-Posters

Plus with these professionally designed mini-posters you’ll be able to support and promote your programs as much as you like.  You get all 12 Mini-Posters/Handouts for FREE! (a $97 value)  with YOUR LOGO on the HEADER!   And, they are yours to keep FOREVER!  Print them as many times as you like!  By posting these 8.5 x 11″ posters and handouts around your facility, you will generate interest in your weight-management curriculum, personal training programs and fitness contests.   Smart Marketing Investment… Smart Branding…!

Basic Physiology





Aerobic Activity

Anaerobic Activity



Weight Training


Danger Foods



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