Weight-Management & Lifestyle Seminar/Webinar Kit


To view the complete Weight-Management & Lifestyle Seminar Kit, please CLICK or TAP HERE..

  • Includes:  PowerPoint Presentation – Branded with YOUR LOGO
  • PLUS:Pre-Written Script Slide-by-Slide
  • PLUSDemonstration Video – Complete Presentation – Repurpose
  • PLUSComprehensive 21-Day Done-4-You, Marketing Campaign
  • PLUSComplete 21-Day Social Media Countdown Campaign
  • PLUSPre-written Media Releases to increase attendance
  • PLUSPre-written Email Sequence to increase attendance
  • PLUSPre-written Direct Mail to increase attendance
  • BONUSPre-Produced Professional Promo Video
  • BONUS12 Mini Posters Branded with YOUR LOGO
  • BONUSTri-Fold Brochures with YOUR LOGO 
  • MARKETINGComplete set of Marketing Tutorials on “How to Promote, Present and Convert” your seminar into sales!

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To view the complete Weight-Management & Lifestyle Seminar Kit, please CLICK or TAP HERE..

How Many Different Ways Will YOU take advantage of this HUGE OPPORTUNITY?

Listed here are just a few of the venues where you’ll find a welcome audience for YOUR SEMINAR:

  • Local companies, businesses
  • Schools, PTA, High School sports teams
  • Churches and other places of worship
  • Community and Business Organizations and Clubs
  • Apartment and Condo Complexes with Recreation Rooms
  • Gated Communities
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Police and Fire Depts.
  • Municipal Departments ie: Water, Gas, Electric, Public Works, Transit, etc.
  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities

There are many more venues. In fact, anywhere that people gather is a venue for YOU and your presentation.

Oh yes!  If you’re thinking about taking your health and fitness business “online”  — then, this huge opportunity just 2X-doubled.

What About WEBINARS..?

That’s right.  This is the perfect WEBINAR CONTENT and PRESENTATION.

But, first, let me explain the 3 BIG REASONS why the most successful health coaches and fitness entrepreneurs all conduct webinars.

  • New Product Introductions and Up-sells:  With proper promotion and attendance, there’s nothing like a webinar to introduce a new product or up-sell into an existing product, program or service.  For example, if you are a health professional with an online weight-management program, a webinar provides the opportunity to explain what credible, long-term weight-management is all about.  And, you can use this exact same powerpoint presentation in this kit.  With a sales page and sign-up button at the end of your webinar, you can actually up-sell into your new or existing programs in real time – right from your computer.
  • Lead-Generation:  Marketing-savvy entrepreneurs also know that even if they don’t close sales at the end of the webinar, they have captured new leads.  Maybe even thousands of new leads!  And, of course, these leads are entered into an automated marketing funnel that “touches” the client at scheduled intervals in anticipation that the recipient will eventually convert to a sale.
  • Global Reach:  Webinars provide access to the WORLD!  Just think about that.  Compare the size of your local market with the size of the global market.  It’s mind-boggling!

And, maybe you’re the type of “high-achiever” who will present both live seminars and webinars!