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Thank You…!

Thank you for ordering the “value-added” distributor package that includes your own branded video: “Finally… the Truth About Weight Management” as well as the bonus 3-page branded handout: “The History of Diets.”

The closing video screens allow you to include your business information as well as four (4) messages or taglines.  Be sure include whatever punctuation you may want.  We will add EXACTLY what you input.  So, if you want an exclamation (!) or dot, dot, dot (…) or quotations marks (“) be sure to add them in the form below.

All of this is optional.  You may only need two taglines.  If so, just leave the remaining fields blank.   Also, be sure to send us your logo (if we don’t have it on file already).  Just send it as an attachment via email to:

Weight-Management Video Message Form

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