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lynn-vandyke-175-e1360176328352Do you need a website? Is your existing website old and tired? Is it time to rejuvenate your brand with an up-to-date, mobile-friendly site that converts?

I am super excited to announce a new partnership with Lynn VanDyke, and InControl Websites. You may already know Lynn. She’s been developing some of the best designed and most productive (converting) websites for fitness professionals for several years.

Check out her gallery of successful websites. Wait til you read, listen and view her testimonials.

Lynn not only meets or beats the major qualifications for superior website design and development, but offers so much more! So, it’s with great pleasure that we’ve partnered with her company in order to offer super high-quality, mobile-friendly and affordable websites.

I could go on and on about Lynn’s expertise and capabilites, but she’ll do a better job of explaining things, herself. Plus, once you decide to get started, you’ll be speaking with her, directly. And, she’ll guide you through every inch of the process. So, if you’re interested in learning more, or getting started, just click on the link below…

InControl Websites

A Little Background…

For almost 10 years health and fitness professionals have asked us if we could build websites for them. Unfortunately, we couldn’t. We simply didn’t have the time or resources. So, for a while, I referred out to other web developers. Sometimes things went well. Other times, I would get phone calls from unhappy customers telling me the developer was horrible… or too slow… or not even human! Of course this created an issue with our relationship… so I stopped referring altogether.

The 2 BIG Things

Nonetheless, if you’ve conducted business with me, you know I aim to please. I looked for ways that I might be able to build quality sites at an affordable price. After all, there are tons of freelancers here in Southern California. Then, there are all the overseas web developers in India and the Philippines. However, none of them could meet the level of professionalism or quality of design required. So, for the last few years I’ve continued the search for a developer.

While there are literally thousands of considerations in web development, I knew two qualifications were imperative in identifying the right partner:

  • Must be a “Killer Coder” who can create custom websites quickly and efficiently as well as end up with a super professional product.
  • Must know the FITNESS BUSINESS. Most coders don’t really understand the required elements and navigation that go into a fitness business website. Especially one that converts prospects into clients, members or patients.

Eventually, the journey led to Lynn and InControl Websites. And, after one conversation, I knew she had the “goods.” Just to prove it to myself, I hired her to build a demo website for us using her Pixel design: Click Here…

As I learned more about what InControl Websites had to offer it just got better and better. But, don’t take my word for it. Take a look for yourself. Just click on the link below…

InControl Websites


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