WMU-Payment Gateways

WMU-101 Payment Gateways

Hello… this is a private page for all WMU-101 website subscribers.. regarding your decision about a payment gateway.  Please bookmark this page for future reference as there are no links from our main site to this page.

For your customers, “students” there are three  (3) payment options for the WMU-101 protected content:

  • FREE  (self-registration)
  • Your Own Payment System (secret link after payment >> self registration)
  • PayPal (self payment / self registration)

As we’re building sites and asking for information, I’m discovering that many are making the WRONG DECISION for what they really want to ACCOMPLISH with this site.  So, this page will help clarify the options and how your decision might impact the way you market WMU-101.

It Can Get Crazy…

While PayPal is a great set-up and handles things automatically, it’s NOT the best option if you are including WMU-101 as part of a  bundled package.   That’s because the WMU-101 PAYPAL configuration only allows one (1) price-point.  For example, $99.   You will need more flexibility when you bundle WMU-101 into various training packages at various price points.

One multi-club owner has already planned to incorporate his WMU-101 curriculum into 27 different packages… including, 11 different personal training packages, 3 different nutrition programs, a “Biggest Loser” contest, 3 different corporate wellness packages and 6 different “value-added” membership packages.  He’s even got one set up for his “aqua-exercise” program!

You can see how crazy this can get.

Recommended Payment Solution

If you plan to weave your WMU-101 Website into multiple packages at multiple price-points, then, the best solution is to use your own payment system.  When you make this selection, we adjust your WMU-101 website to remove the free registration links on your WMU-101 site.

Then, after you receive payment for a particular package, you simply email the “secret link” to your new student: 



 Then, once your new “student” clicks on that link, he or she will land on this page.… where they will then enter their own login information.  

From that point on, “students” will simply go to your WMU-101 homepage and click on “Course Login” or “WMU Dashboard.”

Then, from here on in, enrolled “students” will login on this page…


PayPal Payment Gateway

However, if you are marketing the WMU-101 website as a “STAND-ALONE” product at a single price-point, then we will certainly set that up for you.

  • First, you will need to secure your own Business PayPal account before we set this up.  We can provide instructions on how to do this.
  • Then, you’ll have two options in order to provide the information we need to set up your account.


  • #1 — You will need to go into your PayPal business account to grab the information we need to set-up your PayPal account on your WMU-101 website.  We will give you step-by-step instructions on how to do this.
  • #2— You can provide us with your PayPal business account login info as well as an email permission to go into your PayPal account to gain the information we need to set it up.  After it is completed, you need change your password and then send to us another email verifying that you have changed your password and that: “Private Label Fitness no longer has access to my PayPal account.”  (These are required security measures meant to protect you and us.)


So, I hope this is helpful.  If after reading this, you want to change your option about the chosen gateway, just shoot me an email (privatelabelfitness@gmail.com) and simply let me know if you still want your initial selection or if you want to switch it.  I already know that we will see a majority of changes from PayPal to your own Payment System based on what we’ve already experienced.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and for taking advantage of the WMU-101 opportunity.

— Art —


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