Single Page, Long Scroll, Digital Platform


Perhaps you prefer a more concise and budget-friendly website.  But, still want a state-of-the-art digital presence that can simultaneously display your expertise and convert prospects into new clients.  If this sounds like you, then, the 1-Page Wonder may be the perfect solution.

Tight, Fast and Easy...

Benefits of a 1-Page Website


    The 1-Page Wonder is the most affordable digital platform we offer with a buildout cost of just $999 +($99/mth - hosting, maintenance) which includes copywriting assistance, licensed images and hands-on daily management by our team.


    The 1-Page Wonder can be developed as your main website or... deployed as a separate landing page for your special promotions or separate programs.

  • ✅ SIMPLE

    The 1-Page Wonder is straightforward and easy to navigate, offering a streamlined user experience.

    Visitors can quickly find the information they need without having to click through multiple pages. Saves time and reduces the chances of them exiting.


    With limited space to convey your message our team of copywriters and designers will help you to focus on concise and engaging content

    With hundreds of websites under our belts, we know the type of content that captures a prospect's attention.

    By condensing your information into a single page, the most relevant and persuasive details are prominently displayed motivating a visitor to click on the call-to-action buttons.


    Long-scroll websites are super mobile-friendly because they allow users to scroll vertically rather than navigate through multiple pages. 

    Our 1-Page Wonder design ensures your business looks awesome on all different screen sizes, improving user satisfaction and conversion rates.


    We strategically place call-to-action (CTA) buttons throughout the page. This helps guide your visitors through the content and provides clear instructions on how to proceed.

    Whether it's signing up for a program, booking a session or requesting more information, your CTAs will increase user engagement and drive business growth.


    We build the 1-Page Wonder websites on the exact same digital platform as our multi-page and eCommerce websites. 

    This means should you decide your 1-Page Wonder needs become something bigger... it can grow along with your business requirements -- without having to start over. 


    The compliment I receive most often is that we are always "there" with constant support, marketing advice and super fast response to whatever the situation requires.   (See our testimonials).

    Our 35 years of experience in the health and fitness space will provide you with many advantages as you continue to develop your online presence. 

What You'll Receive


    We will secure your domain as part of your build out package. 


    Everything is handled and managed by our technology team from domain to installation to complete design and buildout of your 1-Page Wonder Website


    We provide complete website hosting on our "managed" super fast servers.


    You'll have one of the most secure sites on the planet with no down-time due to hackers or any other breach.

  • ✅ BACK-UPS:

    Your content is backed-up and mirrored for the past 30 days.  That's 30 back-ups at any given time!


    This is invisible to you, but, websites require constant code updates to ensure 100% functionality.  This is all done for you.

Bonus Content & Services


    Our entire team of designers and copywriters will help you create and ensure the absolute best looking site possible.  


    While we always encourage the use of your own images and videos, we can also supply super high-quality licensed images from our own stock library.


    As part of our maintenance package we provide free video hosting that is totally secure and only viewable on your website.   


    As a lead magnet, we provide your website with 10 Health Recipes branded with YOUR LOGO upon completion of the Optin Form.


    Your 1-Page Wonder Website will come with two (2) "online" client intake forms. 

    1.) PAR-Q

    2.) Lifestyle Assessment.  


Typical 1-Page Wonder Layout

1-Page Wonders22

Make it your Primary Website or Use as a Content Add-on


10 Healthy Recipes Each with YOUR LOGO

Your clients will love these Healthy Family Recipes complete with Macros.


Two (2) Online Client Intake Forms

1.) PAR-Q and 2.) Lifestyle Wellness Questionnaire


What's it like to work with us..?


Michele Sodon
Regional Fitness Coaching Director
Anytime Fitness
Conifer, Colorado

Hands down — I’ll work with Art and Private Label Fitness for any of my business needs from website design and their pre-built, ready to go marketing packages to their Drop Ship Stores and Educational Platforms and MORE!

Joining arms with Art and Private Label Fitness was the best decision I made for my business.



Steve Nunno
Commit to be Fire Fit
Utica, New York

I am very proud of my website.

A person involved with the NY State Fire Fitness Program has been spending a few days on our website and is totally impressed with the professionalism of the site.  He said he has never seen a better website.  He said he felt that he knew me without ever meeting me!   I thought that was a cool statement.

So I just wanted you to know, because I'm so proud of the work you do for me and that people do notice that the site is amazing.  Thanks for everything.



Darryl Daniels
IFBB Pro / Coach
Beyond Bodyz
Phoenix, AZ

Oh boy, where do I start... My experience with Art Rothafel and his game-changing Web Suite concept for digital platforms and branding has been nothing short of spectacular.

Art sprinkled his magic, and voila! They're more relevant, modern and user-friendly than ever before. I mean, navigating them is as easy as finding a cat in a pet shop.

So here's the deal - working with Art Rothafel and Private Label Fitness is like finding a four-leaf clover in the world of marketing and branding. Want to boost your brand, enhance your products, and skyrocket your online presence? Give Art a shout. Believe me, it's an investment that keeps on giving!




Jean Pendleton
JP Health and Wellness, Inc
Minneapolis, MN

HOLY SMOKES...!   This is amazing working with such a talented crew.  I've already done the "ClickFunnels" thing and it was a bust.  Then, Kartra.  They make it look so easy but it's not. Last year I hired a marketing guru only to find out he was just a "sales jockey" always trying to upsell me into services I don't need.

Thank you, Art Rothafel.  Working with you is like getting 3 experts all at once.  You are a true marketing expert who understands the fitness business.  And your website design, format and function is exactly what I need.  I should mention how much I appreciate all your help at no charge with copywriting, image selection, video protection and overall design). No one else does this.

My 1-Page Wonder website isn't even up yet but I'm already excited just knowing how functional it's going to be in building relationships and converting leads.


What You'll Receive...

  • Complete Done-For-You WordPress Website

    Hosted on lightning-fast, super secure servers

  • 10 Healthy Recipes

    10 Healthy Recipes all branded with YOUR LOGO!

  • 2 "Online" Intake Forms

    Online Intake Forms built-in to your website and downloadable as .pdf documents. 

  • Multiple Call-To-Action Buttons

    Several buttons throughout the website for appointment or call scheduling.

  • Optin Forms for Lead Capture

    Optin Form information forwarded to your email for list building.

  • 24/7 Maintenance Package

    Hosting, Updates, Back-ups, Security, New Content, etc

Complete, Customized, Done-For-You WordPress Website

All materials BRANDED with YOUR LOGO...  

What most developers would charge:
Reg: $2,500.00 + $99/mth

Special Budget Price...
+ $99/mth


Upon purchase you'll be asked to download and
complete this MS WORD Starter Document.