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100% Automated / Passive Profit Generator!

The Pre-Built, Done-For-You "ONLINE" Course Designed to:

✅ Empower Your Clients

✅ Boost Retention

✅ Increase Your Profits

✅ Grow Your Business!

A new profit center for your business.

The Onboard 101 "online" course is accredited by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).


Why Offer an Online Course to Your Clients...?


How often do you wish your clients, members or patients had just a little better understanding of how their bodies actually function?

It would sure make training and programming a lot easier if they understood just the basics, like...


  • Weight-management is about body composition... not pounds-on-the-scale


  • The importance of increasing metabolism as opposed to slowing it down via "restricted calorie dieting"
  • The difference between aerobic and anaerobic workouts


  • How digestion works and the value of eating numerous small meals and healthy snacks throughout the day


  • How stress affects our bodies in numerous ways

Enhance All Your Programming

The ONBOARD 101 online course is specifically designed to help educate your members, clients, staff, patients, employees and interested in how his or her body really works It is the perfect "bolt-on" companion component for:

  • Seminars
  • Online Webinars
  • Class Room Settings
  • Online Courses
  • Weight-Management
  • Nutrition Programs
  • Training Packages
  • Value Memberships
  • Group Programming
  • Fitness Contests
  • Corporate Programs
  • Boot Camps

A Brief Video Overview

Operate as a 100% Automated Online Course

Onboard 101 is totally flexible to run as a program enhancement, or as a completely automated "stand-alone" online course with auto-quizzes as well as automated email results and validation.


ONE CLICK:   You'll add a complete, DONE-FOR-YOU, 12-Module Interactive Course to your existing website.


AUTOMATED:  It can be set-up to run as a 100% totally automated health education course that can marketed globally. 


UNLIMITED:  The course can handle as many people as you can enroll.  There are no caps or limitations. 

Be a "Different" Kind of Health Professional

Here's the TRUTH.  Nearly 95% of all health professionals do the same basic things:  Exercise and NutritionThat's it


With Onboard 101 you'll be different.  You'll be a step above the competition!


That's because Onboard 101 allows you to offer so much MORE  -- starting with education.  


It also allows you to demonstrate your knowledge, credibility and level of professionalism.


What Health Professionals Say...


"I can’t say enough positive things about the Onboard 101 program. It’s so user-friendly.  This program has helped me to educate students from the 7th grade all the way through to college and university students."

Mike Hartman

Pro Hockey - NY Rangers, Recognized International "Performance" Coach

"My ladies just love this extra care and commitment from my staff and me.  With the new points and badges I already have a ton of creative ideas on how to use them to incentivize my groups.  Outstanding. "

Corey Ludinsky

Owner, CoreyFit, LLC

"I absolutely love Onboard 101! It’s educational and it allows me to dramatically provide the right image of professionalism that I want to demonstrate and project.   

And the best part is the system does all the work... all the tracking and the documentation!"

Steve Nunno

Commit to Be Fire Fit, Utica Fire Academy

Proven Self-Guided Curriculum Saves Time

Onboard 101 explains, in lay terms, the human body and how it functions in terms of proper nutrition and exercise -- especially as it relates to weight-management, athletic performance and overall health. 


The online course includes:

  • 12-chapters of easy-to-comprehend information
  • 35 high-definition explainer videos with transcriptions
  • Automated quizzes with auto-scoring
  • Internal messaging / validation system


One of the best features of ONBOARD 101 is that can be used as an existing program "enhancement" or as a completely automated "self-guided" stand-alone program.


The "student" can even self-register and then proceed at his or her own pace.


This allows you, as an administrator, to choose the amount of personal attention, extra information and time you wish to spend with students... if any.


The New World of Fitness...

Online - On Demand - Revenue Generation


The curriculum is automatically delivered to the "student" in both web page and video formats (over 35 high-definition, professionally produced videos).

Fun Quizzes

Upon completion of each chapter a simple 10-question, multiple-choice quiz is automatically presented to ensure comprehension of the material. In order to advance to the next chapter, the student must achieve a score of 80% or higher.



All quizzes are automatically scored by the system.  Upon the achieved score, progression access to each new chapter is handled 100% automatically through the online system.


Online Revenue Generation

Online health education courses are one of the "hottest" opportunities for all health professionals.  Onboard 101 is the most effective and efficient "time-saving" revenue generator within the industry. 

Why "Done-For-You" is So Smart


If you follow any of the "online coaching gurus" you soon learn that what they teach is essentially the same thing:  "How to Build an Online Course."


After all, your knowledge (exercise protocol, nutrition, healthy lifestyle, etc.) is valuable!  So, why not create an ONLINE COURSE for which people are willing to pay?  


Identifying a niche market and creating an online course to sell into that niche is the HOLY GRAIL.

Unfortunately, most people discover that it's not so easy.

And, the truth is, more than 90% of online entrepreneurs spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars only to... STALL.

They never launch.  It's a waste of their valuable time, effort and money.  Epic fail!

This is why a "Done-4-You" web-based application is so VALUABLE.  It's already done.

  • All the content
  • All the technology
  • All the integration
  • All the automation

What You'll Receive...


To create an interactive, online course with this level of sophistication is incredibly complex.  Plus, we created a ton of professionally produced marketing materials to support the course.  Here's what you receive with Onboard 101.  


    12 Chapters (95 pages) of peer reviewed information.  This includes:

    • research
    • copywriting
    • editing
    • peer review
    • design and layout
    • formatting, etc .   


  • VIDEO:

    35 professionally produced "explainer" videos include:

    • scripting,
    • animation
    • video edit production
    • transcription
    • voiceover talent
    • licensed images



    Complete website branded (white label) with your logo includes:

    • hosting
    • nightly backups
    • security
    • automated validation emails
    • internal messaging system 
    • numerous integrations  



    Professional marketing elements include:

    • video tutorials function
    • video tutorials marketing 
    • 14 pre-written emails
    • 12 call-to-action videos
    • 3 promotional videos (see below). 


  • TOTAL VALUE: $88,500

    Beyond the costs is the time.   There are starts and stops and plenty of "do-overs" to get it right.  Onboard 101 took over 2 years to fully develop.


The 25K Marketing Bundle

Beyond this incredible done-for-you online course, you'll also receive this $25,000 marketing bundle as a FREE BONUS...   

Promotional Mini-Posters with YOUR LOGO (12)


These letter-size Mini-Poster/Handouts are designed to "ENGAGE" your clients and prospects with questions about their bodies.


The set of 12 Mini-Poster/Handouts can be multi-purposed for all kinds of promotions to boost your business.  You'll use them for:

✅  Promoting your Onboard 101 course
✅  Weekly email campaigns
✅  Downloads from your website
Lead magnets
Social media posts
Welcome kits
Blog post topics
Corporate "leave-behinds"
✅  Webinar Downloads
✅  Course Handouts
✅  Challenges and Bootcamps
✅  Articles
✅  Podcasts
✅  Videos


"I provided our local high school with the Onboard 101 Quizzes to help enhance their 10th grade Nutrition Curriculum.  The school made copies and sent them home with the students.   The next thing I know their parents are calling me and booking sessions!  Talk about "stealth marketing!"

Sandy Brignone

Living Fit

Your Body
Click or Tap to Enlarge

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Aerobic Activity


Anaerobic Activity






Weight Training





Call-To-Action Videos with YOUR LOGO! (12)

That's right!  You'll receive all twelve (12) of these highly effective "Call-To-Action" videos... You'll note how each video topic coincides with each Onboard 101 Chapter. 

Each video is BRANDED with YOUR LOGO and CONTACT INFO.  You can post them on your website, on social media, attached to email and posted on your blog posts.  Video is one of the most sophisticated and powerful marketing tools for "online" courses -- making YOU a marketing-savvy professional.  It all comes with the package!

These twelve (12) Call-to-Action Videos are perfect for social media, online community groups, websites, blog posts and even as attachments to your nurturing email sequences

Promotional Feature Videos With YOUR LOGO (4)

These  four (4) professionally produced promotional videos come branded with YOUR LOGO on the intro and YOUR LOGO with CONTACT INFO at the end.  Some of the most successful trainers in the world have used these exact same videos to attract new "high-ticket" clients to their programs.

Beyond social media, websites and blog posts, these videos are fantastic for opening a podcast, a webinar and even Zoom sessions.  Video is the most powerful and effective tool for online marketing.   And, this is especially true for a competitive space like health and fitness.  Video is what sets YOU apart from the competition!  

CLICK or TAP to view videos

Social Media Banners (12)

You'll also receive these twelve (12) of these engaging social media banners that display perfectly on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others!  Once again, you can see these banners coincide with the Onboard 101 Session Topics.


Email, Media and Blog Posts


You'll also receive sixteen (16) professionally written letters formatted in MS Word.   Each letter is a template that you can edit to your "voice" for your particular audience.  They all can be multi-purposed for email, direct mail, blog posts and websites all designed to drive traffic to your Onboard 101 online health education course. 


Plus we wrote an additional five (5) professionally written and formatted media releases including a PSA (public service announcement) that's already generated tons of free publicity for numerous fit pros and health coaches throughout the work. 


The Onboard 101 Online Course

The Online Client Education Platform and Profit Generator


Complete Package Value

  • Done-For-You Branded Website . . . . . . VALUE: $6,500

  • 12-Week Course Curriculum . . . . . . . . . . VALUE: $12,000

  • 35-Pro Explainer Videos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VALUE: $45,000

  • Branded Marketing Package . . . . . . . . . VALUE: $25,000

Total Value:   $88,500        





Total Investment: Just $899



The Onboard 101 "online" course is accredited by the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) and Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).


YOU... the Best in the World!

Yes…. ONBOARD 101 is your very own branded, teaching portal.


And, what a time saver.


With Onboard 101, your clients can login to YOUR BRANDED WEBSITE on a mobile device or computer at home, in the office, at the beach, park…. ANYWHERE… and self-guide themselves through a comprehensive 12-session course — complete with quizzes, videos, points, badges, incentives and congratulatory emails.


This allows you to focus on the training or other related components.


In fact… just think about this:  With your own branded Onboard 101 website coupled with your expertise/motivation…. YOU become one of the most complete, (and truthful) health professionals in the world!


What We Know to be True...!

Tutorials, Tactics and a Free Trial

Since you've read this far, perhaps you'd like to dig a little deeper and discover how we support your success as an online educator...


Just click or tap on any of the buttons below to view our support videos.  They're very brief and to-the-point informative.


Pat Flynn - Three Secrets to Selling Your Online Course

You've probably heard about internet marketers who've made millions selling online courses.  Pat Flynn is one of them.


He is one of, if not THE the most successful internet marketer in the world.  In this 8-minute video, he provides some awesome advice on  how to present and sell your online course. 



The Onboard 101 Online Course

The Online Client Education Platform and Profit Generator

  • Done-For-You Branded Website . . . . . . VALUE: $6,500

  • 12-Week Course Curriculum . . . . . . . . . . VALUE: $12,000

  • 35-Pro Explainer Videos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VALUE: $45,000

  • Branded Marketing Package . . . . . . . . . VALUE: $25,000

Total Value:   $88,500        





Total Investment: Just $899



The Onboard 101 "online" course is accredited by the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) and Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).


What Your Fellow Professionals Say...

"I can't say enough..."

I can’t say enough positive things about the Onboard 101 program.It’s so user-friendly.

This program has helped educate students from the 7th grade all the way through to college and university students.

Onboard 101 has really helped my High-Performance Strategy Business by giving corporate executives, real estate agents, dentists, and professionals of all walks of life -- the tools to a healthy lifestyle.

It teaches them the absolute importance of taking care of themselves  -- so they can be on top-of-their game in their every day lives.

"This is AMAZING!"

For some time now, we at Mitchell Fitness Systems, have been struggling to find the time to implement educational systems into our business. It's extremely important to offer clients educational opportunities in order for them to know and understand how their bodies function.

This has been a struggle for us and in the past has taken up valuable time. Onboard101 has saved the day! To say we're thrilled with the Onboard101 system, is an understatement! The automation this system offers takes ANY ongoing work out of our hands and runs practically by itself! This is amazing!

We also love the way this system encourages our customers by the automated congratulatory emails as they complete each chapter. It even offers a certificate of completion and social media segue! What?!?! 

Delivering this curriculum with a combination of copy, video, and quizzes, creates opportunities for customers to learn according to the way they learn best. Our customers tell us that the best part about Onboard101 is that it's fun!

Thanks Art! You've saved us tons of time and effort and have created a system that we'll continue to use with our customers. I highly recommend other trainers, coaches, and clubs to give a serious look at Onboard101.

"...helped take my company to a new level!"

As the fitness coordinator of the Utica Fire Academy, I use the 12-chapter program as an educational platform for my cadets.  They can take the program at their own pace and I can monitor their progress through the Client Profile section to see that they are progressing. 

I can also see what topics they me need me to intervene as they may need some help!

I absolutely love Onboard 101! It’s educational, it allows me to dramatically provide the right image of professionalism that I want to portray! And the best part is the system does all the work, all the tracking, and the documentation!

Love it, Love it, Love it,  Love it!  Thanks Art, as usual your programs have helped take my company to a new level!

"The best investment we made all year!"

We purchased Onboard101 three years ago when it was called WMU-101.  It was deployed as a key component to our employee wellness initiative.

Since then, more than 300 employees and executive staff have been through the program and continue to use it on a regular basis.

It's amazing to see how this system has evolved. We've been approached by lesser applications being marketed for 10 times as much money - not to mention required our IT department to jump through hoops.

You and your company have made it so easy. Highly recommended!

"It feels like Christmas!"

I've been with Art Rothafel and Private Label Fitness for over 15 years. He and his company's products and services have been a gold mine of fitness marketing ideas for my Personal Training and Group Fitness business.

This latest version of his ever-improving health education platform called Onboard101 simply encapsulates his brilliance.   I'm so excited about this one that it feels like Christmas.  Thank you, Art. You're a God-sent!

"My ladies just love this extra care!"

I'm so THRILLED to see the new features included in the program with new name: ONBOARD101. 

It is 200% even better than before.

I had already created benchmark incentives with my clients for passing certain milestones and final course completion.  I posted a chart every week with each client's progress through the course.  My ladies just love this extra care and commitment from my staff and me.  With the new points and badges I already have a ton of creative ideas on how to use them to incentivize my groups.  Outstanding. 

You'll be happy to know, Art, that two of last hires were so inspired by the course and our other certification programs, that they left they corporate jobs to come work for us -- and help change lives.  Keep up the fantastic work!

"The best --- from the best!"

This is a terrific course for teaching the basics of human physiology. But, there is a lot more to it than just the information. 

As usual, Art, you were careful not to promote any protocol.  Just pure information.  There are no pop-up ads or affiliate banners that could compromise its integrity.  And, you even took care to ensure ethnic neutrality by use of the little bubble characters. This new version with the gamification and automatic scoring displays is super effective.

I never have any problems bringing any of your programs into the organizations I consult.  I simply tell them it’s the best  -- from the best.

"... working with clients is so much easier!"

Onboard 101 has made working with clients so much easier.  And, now it's so much easier to monitor their progress. 

The content is right on point and gives all the correct information to transform their bodies. 

The mobile aspect of the software allows the information to be used anywhere.  You and your team have done an amazing job. Thanks for all that you do.

"Onboard 101 is for every human on this earth."

Art  ---  I have been a customer of Private Label Fitness for many years now and the main reason is you. You actually understand what our industry needs.
When you introduced Weight Management 101 several years ago, I plugged in because I saw the need to educate just like you did. It is an awesome learning and business tool.
When you told me that it was going to change for the better, I had no idea if that was even possible.
Onboard 101 is simply bad ass! The new features help me as a fitness coach, not a trainer, keep my clients on point while they navigate the program. This makes accountability much easier.
I love it so much that I will continue to make it a pre-requisite part of my new client protocol but also, I will present it to companies as a much-needed wellness solution. This is not just for my clients. I feel that Onboard 101 is for every human on this earth. I will do my part to spread the word. 
To me, Onboard 101 is a coach, trainer, gym owners dream cash cow. All he/she has to do is plug in and promote. It's that simple. 
Art, thanks once again for producing awesome and innovated products. Keep them coming.


The Onboard 101 Online Course

The Online Client Education Platform and Profit Generator

  • Done-For-You Branded Website . . . . . . VALUE: $6,500

  • 12-Week Course Curriculum . . . . . . . . . . VALUE: $12,000

  • 35-Pro Explainer Videos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VALUE: $45,000

  • Branded Marketing Package . . . . . . . . . VALUE: $25,000

Total Value:   $88,500        




Total Investment: Just $899


Frequently Asked Questions

After 30 years in the health and fitness business, we’ve come to a realization about health education… and it is this:

Almost every credible fitness professional possesses an amazing amount of knowledge — and knows EXACTLY what it takes to change body-composition… BUT....  your clients don't. You know the journey... but, your clients have almost no knowledge as to how their bodies function.  And, as an industry, we don’t necessarily explain it in a way that clients easily comprehend.

Each website is set-up as a "subscriber-based" membership website. This allows you to market and sell a "self-guided" educational program to each client or member. You will control the price. Each site will include the following:

  • Your logo on the header
  • Home page video, Finally, the TRUTH About Weight-Management ($599 value)
  • 12 Chapters of peer-reviewed curriculum in lay terms, distributed in 4 formats:
    • Web page format
    • Video format
  • Automated content delivery
  • Automated quizzes, scoring and progression
  • Automated "gamification" with points and badges
  • Internal messaging system
  • Secure membership functionality
  • Domain registration and security
  • Hosting and nightly back-ups
  • All upgrades and coding updates (all the tech stuff).

NO, you do NOT need to install anything.  ONBOARD 101 is a "Software As a Service" (SAAS) platform.   That means it's totally "Plug 'n Play."  Everything is handled by us on our servers including upgrades, back-ups, security, hosting.... the works!

It depends. Most commercial online weight-loss programs use faulty protocol (restricted caloric intake) and false metrics ("pounds-on-the-scale") to determine progress.

These tools actually debunk both of those concepts and, instead, adhere to sound physiological protocol including proper nutrition, productive exercise and positive motivation.

All programs are based on "body composition" as the only viable metric for real change. 

Maybe. But that is not the intent. ONBOARD 101 only mentions supplements as an option that can be explored. It is not designed to sell supplements. In fact, the whole purpose is to teach people how to make better choices with their nutritional intake. That is the highest priority.

It's typically marketed as a 12-Week Educational Course -  as it coincides with the 12-week curriculum. BUT... your clients, students and members are set-up for an unlimited time with no expiration date - that can be revised if you choose.

After the 12 weeks, most clients, students and members will continue to access your ONBAORD 101 website and use it as an ongoing information resource.

All of our Done-4-You packages are designed to generate revenue -- sometimes, even while you're sleeping! But here's the real truth.

The #1 reason people join a health club or retain a trainer or health coach is for weight-management. This research has been proven over and over again. Unfortunately, we, as the health and fitness industry, do not do a very good job of explaining how the real process of "changing body composition" is accomplished.

So clients, students and members become discouraged and quit. All because of a simple lack of knowledge.

Our Done-4-You packages changes all of this. In essence, the ONBOARD 101 website is a self-guided educational platform that provides people with the actual rationale behind your programming.

This allows you more time to provide the physical training and positive motivation components. ONBOARD 101 accomplishes two major tasks for your business -

  • It educates your clients thus increasing understanding and adherence.
  • It can be used as both a profit generator and/or a lead generator.

Yes! In fact, here are the first six videos that are contained in Chapter 1. Just click on the buttons below and imagine how impressed your clients and potential client will be with your branded information!

Yes! All videos will play on all mobile devices. You can test it right now with the six videos listed in the FAQ question above!

Yes.  Yes, absolutely...!  In fact you can demo the platform as both a "CLIENT" and as an "ADMIN."  And, with the FREE TRIAL, we'll even upload your logo so you can see EXACTLY how it will integrate with YOUR BUSINESS.  

Our pricing is the best! Plus, if you were to attempt this yourself, you'd pay over $80,000 for content, production, image licensing, music licensing, professional voice-over, etc. 

Not to mention the hundreds of hours of your time putting it all together!

We obviously are building a volume of sites which provides economies-of-scale. I pass those savings on to you. Nonetheless, each individual site takes more than tech time to set-up individual databases, specified protected content, individual functionality, etc.

Equally important, your ONBOARD 101 website will be professionally and expertly maintained with nightly back-ups, code upgrades and all sorts of technical operations to ensure your websites run smoothly 24 hours a day... every day!

Termination of your branded ONBOARD 101 website is simple as just letting us know. We require 30 days notice to terminate the site as it actually takes a bit of technical work to take a site down. However, your monthly $69.99 charge will be terminated within 30 days of notice. 

IMPORTANT: The "build out" fees are non-refundable.

This is why we truly want you to try it for FREE to determine if it is going to be helpful to your business. We even encourage you to "load in" some clients in order to gain "real world" feedback from your members, clients, patients, whomever!

Pricing will be entirely up to you. Our suggested retail price per person is $97 as a stand-alone program.

However, many health professionals place a high retail value on the program. Here's Jenny's Story (she cleared $15,000 in one day!) : CLICK HERE...

There are numerous pricing models, including:

  • EFT monthly charges for 12 weeks and beyond -- as an ongoing web-based health and fitness resource.
  • Value-added membership packages
  • Value-added training packages
  • Fitness Contest Packages
  • Flat Rate - Bulk-Buy Group Programs (where participants all chip-in as a group - Corp. Wellness, Schools, Church, etc.)

Whatever you decide... I can assure you it is VALUE RECEIVED. I've researched all over the place for a curriculum like this. What I found were all kinds of college courses on human physiology that are excellent... but, are way too technical for the lay person.

I also found plenty of false and misleading formats that are simply designed to sell supplements or some bogus product. You know the type... no exercise required!

Listen, this curriculum is:

  • Unique in its simplicity and progression.
  • Unique in its presentation.
  • Unique that you can brand it under your own name.
  • Unique because it is a complete automated online course which requires almost no effort on your part.
  • And, it generates profits! We are all in this business together!


Unfortunately, we do NOT offer any type of payment plan. Due to the amount of upfront labor and resources we dedicate to each new customized package, payment plans are not practical for our packages.


The Onboard 101 Online Course

The Online Client Education Platform and Profit Generator

  • Done-For-You Branded Website . . . . . . VALUE: $6,500

  • 12-Week Course Curriculum . . . . . . . . . . VALUE: $12,000

  • 35-Pro Explainer Videos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VALUE: $45,000

  • Branded Marketing Package . . . . . . . . . VALUE: $25,000

Total Value:   $88,500        




Total Investment: Just $899