Bolt-On Membership Websites


Update Part One - Why...

This first video lays the foundation.  It's the "WHY" video.  Plus, through various conversations with numerous fit pros and health coaches, it's obvious there's a lot of confusion about the differences between live streaming, online training and membership sites

So, this video explains EXACTLY our definition of what a membership website is... it's primary purpose and our approach toward developing it.   Hopefully, it will add some clarity and put us all on the "same page" moving forward. 


Update Part Two - Configuring Your Membership Website

Yes, I know... lots of companies offer all kinds of different platforms to make it seem like building out a "membership website" is easy. 

But, the truth is, there's no "sugar-coating" it.  To do it right and to meet your specific requirements requires a significant amount of technology and experience  That's what we're good at.  Plus, unlike most developers, I understand this business.

This video dives into the configuration of a membership website.   It's a great overview of the thinking and logic that goes into a membership website.  The truth is, a membership website is a "different animal."   I hope you find it helpful.

For a view of our beta pricing for early adopters, please CLICK or TAP HERE....

Update Part Three - Content

In this video, I discuss the three different types of VIDEO CONTENT as well as the PLATFORM CONTENT.  There's a lot more than what I describe in this video, but, it's the basics.  And, as you create more online content, we'll go deeper into how to market and sell these additional services and products. 

NOTE:  The links below are just to show the different types of exercise programming you can create, market and sell.   Please don't get hung-up on the technique or mechanics.  That's NOT the point. 

Also, many of these examples are from YouTube because they allow free public access.  And, many of them simply don't know how to build their own membership sites. 

These fit pros make their money via advertising because they have HUGE audiences/followers. 

You will generate much more recurring revenue with your own tribe on your own membership site.  Unless you already have a few hundred thousand followers already!